7 Useful Apps for College Students 2024

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When it comes to studying college, it is important to have your notes and documents organized so they won’t get lost easily. College is really hard and it is more stressful compared with high school. With that, you may wish to have some ways on how you can study conveniently. As technology arises, there are many educational apps that can be found on the internet today and these may help you perform well and work efficiently in your school. So, we’ve collected the best apps for college students.

Best Educational Apps for Students

GitMind (Android and iOS)

First on the list is GitMind. This is a collaboration tool that allows you to create mind maps and do brainstorm with your classmates. By using this tool, students can boost productivity and make their ideas happen with its stylish editable templates. Moreover, you can start from scratch and customize mind maps with its editing function. Besides, you can share it with your classmates and do real-time team collaboration wherever you are. Just make sure to create or log on to your account to start utilizing the app.

gitmind app

Google Drive (Android and iOS)

Another free app for college students is Google Drive . This application is cloud storage which enables you to store and access files and folders anytime and anywhere.  It can be word, pdf, images, videos, and so on. Students can work offline and share it with their classmates.  Furthermore, it has a free 15GB storage for your first usage. If in case you want bigger or additional storage, you can upgrade in-app purchase and have 100GB depending on the region.

google drive

StudyBlue (Android)(Android and iOS)

Next on the list is StudyBlue. This is one of the best education apps for students which allows users to create, study and share class study materials and electronic flashcards. Moreover, students can study and practice quizzes and track progress. Also, you can customize your study materials with audio and images depending on your liking.

sturdy blue

Merriam-Webster (Android and iOS)

Merriam-Webster is a very useful app for college students. This is a dictionary application that can help students in their education. It has a wide range of vocabulary words wherein you can learn new words in a fun and exciting way utilizing games, quizzes, and so on. In addition to that, for a better understanding of the word, it provides quick definition, synonyms and antonyms, example sentences, and audio pronunciations.

merriam webster app

Dragon Anywhere (Android and iOS)

If you are looking for a dictation app, then Dragon Anywhere is the key. This is a helpful education app for students wherein it can detect speech and turn it into text. With that, you can write your documents without typing on your keyboard. What’s good about this app, users can dictate documents without any limitations on length of time. In addition to that, you can edit, format, and share them directly from your mobile device anywhere.

dragon anywhere tool

RefME (Android)

A handy app for college students is the RefME. This is free citation management for mobile phones which allows you to scan books and barcodes using your phone’s camera. Furthermore, users can be able to choose from 8 different citation styles. Apart from that, it is also capable of creating footnotes and bibliographies in just a few seconds. With that, students can save valuable time on their research.

refme app

myHomework Student Planner (Android and iOS)

The last education app for students is the myHomework Student Planner. This is a digital student planner that enables you to track your classes, upcoming tests, homework, projects, and daily routine anytime. In that way, it can help students stay organized amid their busy schedules in class.

myhomework tool


Those education apps for students that are mentioned above are indeed helpful in boosting the students’ academic performance for information can be accessed easily. Plus, by using those tools collaboration with their classmates can now be done in a second. So if you’re a student or parent, better check them up for they are worth a try.

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