How to Make UML Sequence Diagram Online, in Visio?

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UML sequence diagram is particularly helpful in identifying the requirements of a system including all the functionalities. It’s easy to create sequence diagram as it only consists of basic shapes such as rectangles, lines, and arrows. You can work with it with simple tools like Word. There are also online tools to help you get this job done or you can use advanced solutions like Visio. Find out more useful methods by reading through this article.

7 Practical Methods to Make Sequence Diagram

Create Sequence Diagram Online

One of the most popular solutions to create sequence diagram online is GitMind. The tool is surprisingly simple with lots of amazing features everyone may enjoy using. It comes with free and downloadable templates for easy diagramming. Also, it has an intuitive editor that grants you access to its shapes library for different types of UML diagrams. Moreover, you can export maps to image files or convert them into PDF files. Follow these simple steps to make a sequence diagram online.

create sequence diagram online
  • Go to GitMind and click “New Flowchart” from the templates library. From the editor, open the shapes library manager and choose UML shapes folders.
  • Drag the shapes and components like the lifelines, objects, activation bar, arrows, and insert labels.
  • Now export the map to your desired format by clicking the “Export” button at the top interface.

Create Sequence Diagram in Visio

Visio is another program that can help you create sequence diagram. This tool allows you to work offline via desktop app or online using the web version. With it, you can create, edit, view, and share diagrams without the need to install any extra app. What’s more, it has a great app integration with Microsoft software such as Excel and Word that will help you streamline processes or workflow further. Here are the steps on how to make sequence diagram using Visio.

create sequence diagram
  • Open a new document and look for the search box then type UML sequence. Next, choose between Metric Units or US Units and click “Create.”
  • It should load the diagram and the collection of shapes on the left side interface.
  • Drag the elements for the sequence diagram from the shapes window to the page and double click on the text labels to rename.

Create Sequence Diagram in Concfluence

Confluence is a collaborative tool to work with your team in building and organizing projects in one place remotely wherever your location is. You can infuse plug-in like PlantUML, Gliffy, or ZenUML which you can use to use to learn how to make sequence diagrams. With Gliffy for Confluence, you can model numerous unified modeling language diagrams online. It also has a shape manager that gives you access to dynamic shapes and icons that suit business, software engineering, and project designs. See the instructions below and learn how to make a sequence diagram.

how to make sequence diagram
  • Launch Gliffy on your browser and add shapes from the left-side panel.
  • Organize the arrangement of the shapes and put labels to each process or event on the diagram.
  • Finally, apply diagram themes to modify the appearance of the diagram then export or publish it.

Create Sequence Diagram in PowerPoint

The tool is primarily presentation software but is also a helpful method when you want to design a simple sequence diagram. You can create a sequence diagram with a PowerPoint shapes library. This method, however, requires you individually add and arrange the shapes to come up with a sequence diagram. Suppose you want to create sequence diagram in PowerPoint, here are steps you can follow.

create sequence diagram
  • Open a blank document and go to the “Insert” tab then add the necessary shapes from the “Shapes” drop-down list.
  • Identify the processes of the system you want to visualize and add them to the diagram. Just insert arrows and inserting labels with a text box.
  • Customize your diagram from the “Format” tab where you can edit the shapes color, text color, font, and so on.

Create Sequence Diagram in Word

Word is another Microsoft product that you can use to create sequence diagram. In the same way, this lets you make a sequence diagram from scratch with the help of the shape library. Though this method gives your more flexibility in the creation process since you get to arrange them according to your desired structure. Also, you can add all the necessary shapes and customize every element.

sequence diagram in word
  • Open a new file and navigate to the “Insert” tab. From the “Shapes” menu, add all shapes that represent the objects, lifelines, messages, and activation bar.
  • Once every element is inserted, label the messages and returning messages to clearly visualize the processes of the system.
  • After you create a sequence diagram structure, you can add your personal touch to it by customizing its properties.

Create Sequence Diagram in StarUML

StarUML is a diagramming tool that supports almost all platforms including Windows, Mac, and Linux. The good thing about this app is there are no big changes when it comes to its interface no matter the platform you are using. It comes with an extensive library of shapes for sequence diagrams, use case diagrams, class diagrams, flowcharts, and many more. You can also do specific customization to the elements. Allowing you to personalize the font, alignment, line style, and other properties. To know how to create sequence diagram, refer to the steps below.

staruml sequence diagram creator
  • Install StarUML on your PC and launch it. Right-click on the “Untitled” folder and select “Add Diagram.” Choose “Sequence Diagram” from the option.
  • A collection of dedicated elements will appear at the bottom left-hand side of the interface. Drag the notations you need and double click on the shape to add arrows, edit the text, add another lifeline, and more.
  • For the final touch, adjust the properties of the elements from the “Styles” option. Once done, go to “File”, click “Save” and select a folder.

Create Sequence Diagram in does not only allow you to create sequence diagram but also an entity-relationship diagram, wireframe, network diagram, and mockups. Moreover, you can import your own set of shapes to work on a variety of graphical presentations or opt in using the pre-loaded shapes from its shapes manager. Aside from that, has a built collaborative editing wherein teams can build and edit diagrams together virtually. Find out how this tool works from the step-by-step guide.

draw io interface
  • Open a browser and launch Select between “Create New Diagram” and “Open Existing Diagram” options.
  • A dialogue box containing templates will appear. Look for UML and select the sequence diagram illustration and click “Create” from the lower-left corner.
  • Adjust the placement of the objects or messages on how you would according to the system you are visualizing. Once done, you can save the diagram on the cloud or share it by permitting access to another Google user.


A sequence diagram is useful for businesses, software engineering and other process analyzing assignments. You can create sequence diagram with pen and paper but a software program designed for this purpose will save more time. Hence, the tools above along with their step-by-step tutorials should help you out.

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