Using Customer Journey Maps to Improve Customer Experience

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There’s a lot of aspects you need to consider in order to achieve the goals of your business. Customers hold great importance in one’s business success. And the way to reach your prospects and meet their expectations is through a customer journey map. This is a visual interpretation of the customer experience that helps you map out to discover the problems or issues the business may encounter over time. It also gives answers to the what-ifs of the product, brand, organization, or service as if you are conducting a SWOT analysis. Therefore, here we will break down what an individual’s experience map is made of, useful benefits, and examples.

Customer Journey Map Tutorial

Benefits of Using Customer Journey Map

A customer journey mapping outlines the experience of a customer with an organization, goods, or services. That being said, it provides the essential information and details you need for your journey map. Read along to have in-depth knowledge about the value of the customer journey map and its uses.

customer experience map

Studying Customer Behavioural Patterns

Understanding the behavioral patterns of your customer will help you with your brand success. Through this, the company may reflect these patterns to determine what content should be included or modify according to the customer’s satisfaction. At the same time, you will be able to create meaningful content from the data gathered allowing you to generate sales, engage, and build relationships with buyers.

Spot Operational Inefficiencies, Issues, Gaps within Enterprise

Another user journey map advantage is the ability to spot the holes and fix them. For sure, problems occur in the service or communication within the enterprise. But with the help of this map, the company foresees the gaps, obtains useful information, and work out on issues ahead of time. This ensures that the company will be able to provide sufficient service or product that impacts overall customer satisfaction.

Define and Achieve Goals, Objectives, and Targets

There’s more than filling the gaps in the operational inefficiencies and understanding customer behaviors. The customer experience map gives you the opportunity to define the goals and/or objectives. Objectives are the concrete tasks that the organization must accomplish. This helps the employees within the organization take a clear vision of what should be done. Furthermore, the organization can deliver what is expected of them with the purpose of satisfying customers.

Components of User Journey Map

How does one create a customer experience map? There are several components that make up this map. To help you understand their functions, here are the basic elements for customer experience mapping.

Persona- a person or group of people that represent your target customer.

Timeline- is a visual representation of phases of every stage of the customer experience journey. This may include awareness, selection, decision, purchase, etc.

Emotions- feelings felt by the customers towards the product or service.

Touchpoints- refers to the series of actions during the customers’ interaction with the brand throughout the journey.

Channels- describes the medium used where the interactions are taking place.

Free User Journey Map Examples by GitMind

As a matter of fact, there’s no one way of creating a user journey map. You can get creative in sketching a journey map. Take a look at the examples below to get some ideas.

Online Shopping User Journey Map

user journey map
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The map depicts the journey of the customer. The first column shows all the touchpoints or stages of the journey alongside the actions of the buyer to the company. Also, it outlines the emotions of the customer experience during the process of interaction.

Travel Agency Journey Map

customer experience map
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This style of customer experience map is a more comprehensive illustrating the actions, feelings, expectations rating as well as the areas of the improvement. Looking at the opportunities, the organization is aware of the factors and root cause of mishaps and be able to fix them.


Truly buyers have different standards when it comes to brands, products, or services. So it’s best to understand the customer journey and illustrate it into a map. Also, you may start designing a customer journey map with examples above to help you have a comprehensive visual customer experience with your business.

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