Data Model Definition, Benefits and Free Examples

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Data modelling is the process of visualizing a system with various data processes and structure. The interaction between the system and its structures are the main point of this diagram. A data model can consist of different elements like attributes, relationship of data types and other essential components of a business. With that being said you are on the right page if you want to learn more about data models, as well as get free templates that you can use. Continue reading below to get more information about Data Model.

Ultimate Data Model Tutorial

What is a Data Model?

As mentioned above, a data model is a visual representation of a system and its interaction with its structure. It is also used to standardize the process within a system for easier understanding of the readers. It can also show the process taken by users when storing and retrieving stored information. To be precise, a data model example can either show the entire information process of a business or its entire data structure.

Benefits of Using Data Model

Like any other plan, data models are made for a more efficient approach towards a project. To put it in comparison, we can say that it is the equivalent of blue prints for architects. These plans provides general overview of the expected output while providing a clear view of the exact processes to avoid redundancy. Aside from that, there are other benefits in using data models when developing an app or software and they are as follows:

  • Cost-efficient – A well made data model diagram can help in reducing the cost of executing a project. By using a detailed model, you’ll be able to spot irregularities even before the actual project starts. This means that you can immediately remove those problems without spending anything.
  • Minimize data errors – As mentioned, data modelling is used to handle data processes. As there are many data that enters the system, it is natural that you’ll encounter corrupted data. This problem is a headache for programmers as it is hard to recover data. With that being said, using a data model diagram minimizes the chances of this happening.
  • Improved documentation process – Launching an application is one thing, while maintaining it is another. Data models provides better ways to take notes for future maintenance of the software or application.
  • Better understanding of the project – Whether we like it or not, explaining a project is hard, especially for those who are not well-versed in the technology field. That is why using this model will be helpful to further explain the entire process.

Free Data Model Templates to Download

Creating a data model example requires specialized knowledge since there are parts that are only used for specific purposes. That is why it is important to have prior knowledge if you want to make one. This will eliminate the chances of errors during the execution of the project. However, an easier way to use data models is by using templates. These templates are generally available anytime, and are readily structured for various needs. On that note, here are some templates that you can use for free.

  • Employees Management System
employee data model diagram
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This template was made for storing employee data. The entire process is mapped out and follows the sequence that starts with the employee. The entities in this data model are representations of the exact functions in the real world.

  • Online Shopping System
data model example
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The template above is about the system that online shopping websites use. This simple template visualizes the process it takes when a customer places an order. Starting from the customer logging in via her credentials, up to the process where he/she places an order, everything is detailed in the data model diagram template.

  • Hotel Reservation System
hotel reservation diagram
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This template is a representation of the required processes when reserving a hotel room. From the moment that the customer reaches out to the hotel for reservation, up until the bill payment, everything is covered. It is useful in checking if the entire reservation process is working, as well as if nothing is missing which can cause delays and inconveniences.


Data models are one of the most important aspect in planning a project. Aside from the fact that it can prevent many errors, it can also help in improving the quality of service. Additionally, using a data model can result to the faster execution of the program since it will take less time to revise, resulting in faster approval.

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