EPC Diagram: Definition, Symbols, and Tutorial

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EPC diagram is essential in every businesses. This can be used by managers in making decisions for business process improvement. In fact, EPC diagram or event-driven process chain diagram is a flowchart based diagram which is use in analyzing, redesigning and modelling of a business processes. If you want to know more about it and how you can draw EPC diagram easily then, you are on the right page. Continue reading this article to get the information your need.

Symbols of EPC Diagram

Before that, EPC diagram basically consist of shapes and symbols. On the other hand, you wil definitely encounter symbols and surely has a meaning on it. With that, you have to be familiarized with the symbols on this diagram. Here are some of the common symbols that EPC diagram would have.

1. Event. Event describes the condition and state a function or a process works. In general, EPC diagram starts with and event and definitely end with an event.


2. Function. This usually displays the transformations from an initial to resulting state.


3. Process path. This is the series of the state which passes through the as how it moves from the initial to final state.

process path

4. XOR. It is a logical operation which can be used to code messages quickly and easily.


5. OR. This usually corresponds in activating paths among control flows.


6. AND. An opening AND represents a fork while, the closed AND represents a joint.


7. Organization unit. It is described as the specific duty of a person or an organization.

organization unit

8. Main process. This the most important part in the whole process.

main process

9. Information box.Thi is used for identification, scale information and reference.

information box

10. Database. This is a structured set of data held in a computer.


11. Chevron. This is a V-shaped arrow.


12. Arrows. This is used to show the flow of control.


13. Elipse balloon.A balloon which has an elipse shape.

ellipse balloon

How to Create EPC Diagram?

Now, let’s proceed on how to create EPC diagram with the use of GitMind. This is a mind mapping and flowchart maker which enables you to make ideas into creative tasks. Moreover, it offers numerous stylish templates where you can choose from and modify it according to your preferences. Aside from that, you can start making your EPC diagram in computers and in smart phones. With that, you can easily create your tasks anytime and anywhere together with your colleagues. To operate and make EPC examples with this tool smoothly, see the detailed guide listed below.

  • On your device, visit the official page of the program using your favorite browser. From here, choose whether you wish to download the tool on your computer or use it online.


  • From the main interface of the tool, click the “Flowchart” option in the left side of the tool and hit “New Flowchart” button.
epc diagram
  • On the left side of the program, you will see the shapes, arrows and symbols provided. Choose as needed for the diagram and fill up the information.
epc diagram
  • When you are done, save or share the diagram.
save epc diagram
Edit this example


In the business industry it is important to draw EPC diagram in order to make decisions easily for the improvement of the business process. Now, that you have an idea on what are the symbols needed in making this diagram, you can start creating your own EPC diagram with the tool mentioned earlier. By using this, you can easily share ideas and collaborate with your colleagues without having any trouble.

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