Free Fishbone Diagram Templates and Step by Step Tutorials

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A fishbone diagram is one of the most basic tools used in qualitative studies. This diagram is also known as cause and effect diagram because it shows the relationship between certain factors that caused a certain event. Fishbone diagrams are proven effective in identifying the root cause, which you can use to make counter-measures. This applies to various fields like marketing and sales, making it one of the most useful diagrams in existence. If you want to learn how you can get, or create your fishbone diagram template, continue reading below. 

Fishbone Diagram Tutorial

Free Fishbone Diagram Templates and Uses

As mentioned above, fishbone diagrams provide multiple benefits, which makes it very useful in various fields. Aside from providing a visual presentation of the cause and effect between things, you can also use it to show possible solutions to future problems. On that note, here is some fishbone diagram example that you can use for free.

Fishbone Diagram Uses in Manufacturing

Manufacturing is one of the most complicated industries out there. It involves a lot of processes, and materials which makes it prone to problems. That is why fishbone diagrams play a vital role in the planning process in this industry. It helps find common problems and helps mitigate future problems. With that being said, here is a free fishbone diagram template that you can use in the manufacturing field.

manufacturing template

Fishbone Diagram Uses in Marketing

If there is one thing that is constant in the marketing field, it is uncertainty. This is because there are a lot of factors that can affect this industry within seconds. At the same time, it also benefits a lot from using fishbone diagrams as it can predict future problems, and prepare you to face them.

marketing template

Fishbone Diagram Uses in Sales

Sales can also benefit from using the fishbone diagram. Using it will show you the relationship between the factors affecting the sales process. Doing so can give you an idea that you can use to boost your sales. Here is a sales fishbone diagram template that you can use.

marketing template

How to Make Fishbone Diagram Using GitMind

The above templates are ones that you can use immediately. However, if you want to create your fishbone diagram, then we suggest you use GitMind. This is a free web-based fishbone diagram creator that you can use anytime. It provides various options that you can add to your diagram. Aside from that, it has a lot of ready-made templates that you can use. To learn how to create a free fishbone diagram template using GitMind, follow the steps below.

  • Launch GitMind from your web-browser, and then click the “New Flowchart” or “New Mind map” button.
click the new mindmap button
  • From the editing panel, you can click the “Layout” button and select the fishbone setting.
click the fishbone layout
  • You can now proceed to make your diagram, as it will automatically add the necessary nodes in the form of a fishbone. Once done, you can save your diagram on your local storage by clicking the “Export” button.
export the diagram


Cause and Effect diagram or Fishbone diagram, regardless of the word you use, it is a given that this chart provides various benefits. However, it is also a fact that creating one is time-consuming. On the other hand, there are many ready-to-use templates on the internet to save time. Alternatively, you can make your fishbone diagram template using simple tools like GitMind for a personalized experience.

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