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Flowcharts are graphics to show designs, steps, or decisions before doing the actual procedure. With dozens of symbols and designs, a flowchart can be effectively customized to improve functionality. These charts were used initially for the assembling line by industrial engineers. Nowadays, flowcharts are used flexibly as diagrams for data flow, diagrams for influence, process flow diagrams, yes/no flowcharts, swimlane flowcharts, and decision flows. Furthermore, flowcharts are also functional in business, education, medicine, technology, government, and many more spheres. These include project planning, documenting a workflow, system designing, map computer algorithms, processing documentation, and auditing. To know more about these flowcharts, check them out as we listed some of the best flowchart makers online.

Top 6 Flowchart Makers


flowchart work interface

First on our list is a web-based platform that allows users to draw, revise, edit, share, and creates a chart and diagram named Lucidchart. This flowchart software runs on browsers that have an HTML5 and does not involve any third-party software updates.


  • Clean and plausible diagram templates
  • Work faster using your keyboard’s shortcuts
  • Include links and notes on your diagrams
  • Import data from Excel, Zapier, LinkedIn Sales and generate a diagram from data automatically
  • Display your diagrams with presentation mode

Usage Scenario:

Anyone can use this tool because of its versatility and intuitive interface. This tool can be great for data processing since it integrates with major operating systems.

flowchart template is another free diagram editor that does not also need any third-party applications to work. Moreover, it requires no registration, has no restrictions, and there are no catches for you to make your own diagrams.


  • Simple interface
  • Automatic layouts available
  • Use with both online and offline modes
  • Well-suited on any browser
  • Converts Gliffy diagrams with one click

Usage Scenario:

With its desktop version, you can still make a diagram offline. You can use this tool if you want to make a sequence diagram to show a step by step process for a certain plan. Moreover, you can make an activity diagram with this tool. This activity diagram includes feedbacks, loops, choices and analogous actions.

Google Drawings

flowchart design

Another flowchart software is Google Drawings. It allows you to create shapes and diagrams as well as add color to your documents to make them more creative and unique. You can build charts and create diagrams that you may easily save and share online.


  • Available for editing inserted images
  • Drawings can be inserted into Google documents
  • Saved to Google Drive by default
  • Can work offline as a Chrome app
  • Can access anywhere

Usage Scenario:

Google Drawings allow you to make collaborative notes and flowcharts by sharing the URL of your project. Also, you can get your diagrams from the templates stored or you can make a customizable design for yourself. If you just want to embellish your diagrams and have no time to install any applications, then Google Drawings extension is the answer.


flowchart sample

Next is another free online flowchart maker named Wireflow which is also known as Screen flow. It can help you make a diagram by joining together frames to create a flowchart.


  • Easy to use
  • Contains and offers 113 flows in 10 categories
  • Can live chat with collaborators in real-time
  • Can contact a team and collaborate with other creators

Usage Scenario:

This tool allows you to create a design using a combination of a wireframe style and a flowchart-like diagram to create relationships between ideas. So, it’s the best choice for engineers to plan a project.


sample template

Added here is another diagram and flow chart maker called Figma. It is a cloud-based tool that works well on any operating system.  The good thing about this tool is that you can share your work live online and can collaborate among your team members by logging in to the same account.


  • Can sign up with Google account
  • Contains a go-to master component that allows you to edit anytime anywhere
  • Offers smart selection
  • Share your designs directly in Figma
  • Can link between two pages

Usage Scenario:

Figma allows you to make designs and create with other designers online for fast and easy transactions and sharing of ideas. It is especially helpful for UI design, prototyping, graphic design and wireframing.

Visual Paradigm Online

visual template

Finally, we have the Visual Paradigm online. Like the other tools we listed above, this tool also allows you to draw and create a diagram and collaborate with your team members online. 


  • Compatible with all web browser
  • Hundreds of diagram templates for different purposes
  • Can import data from Excel and Visio drawings
  • Convert chart type instantly
  • Can turn a list into drawing

Usage scenario:

Visual Paradigm Online allows you to create multiple pathways with a lot of scenarios in documenting flows of events in your diagram. If you have a diagram in Excel and are not satisfied with the style, you can import it into this software and change its chart type.


These are the top 6 tools that you may use when making a flowchart. You may now make an effective and functional diagram with the help of these tools, which offer dozens of symbols and designs.

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