Gantt Chart: Definition, Samples, and Templates

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Making a Gantt chart will be the finest approach to make a graphical presentation that illustrates activities or tasks done against time. A Gantt chart is a common project management tool. It essentially concentrates down on things that must be completed within a specific time frame. It is also often used to keep track of project timelines and maintains management informed of any extra essential resources and manages job relationships. Having said that, you can continue reading below to try the gantt chart template provided in this post.

Gantt Chart Template Introduction

Gantt Chart History

Karol Adamiecki was known to use the first tool of this type in the mid-1890s. He really named it harmonogram, and he didn’t publish his version until 1931. It was merely the beginning, and the chart he had at the time was nothing compared to other gantt chart example now.

Then, Hermann Schurch produced something resembling Gantt charts for his building project in 1912. In Germany, where he was from, these were not considered remarkable at the time. They nevertheless had numerous disadvantages that made them problematic for many purposes.

Gantt charts were hand-drawn and difficult to construct back then. Any alteration might cause hours of labor to be lost. Because they were hand-drawn, any changes would need redrawing the entire chart.

Benefits of Using Gantt Chart

Gantt chart sample utilized in nearly every industry for project planning and management. Organizations that adhere to a ‘method’ can utilize Gantt charts for program development. The Gantt charts allow project teams to carry out the following tasks:

Increase team productivity – With the sample gantt template, your team will be able to maintain a project on track and know what will happen next

Planning of resources – Gantt charts assist you in organizing your work and job planning.

Understand the status of the project – It simplifies the complicated data into a single piece of data that can be utilized to make critical decisions.

Teamwork and communication – You don’t need to jump between applications to connect and cooperate with your team

Evaluate task responsibilities – Every task in a practical project is based on other actions. you make it simple to manage by using the gantt chart sample mentioned in this article.

Enhanced time management – One of the primary advantages of Gantt charts is to improved time management.

Editable Gantt Chart Templates to Download

Gantt charts are visual representations of data sources that are used to analyze data. These visualizations are often used in business and other factors such as sales or production to determine a change. In particular, we’ve included some gantt chart example for you to use.

Project Proposals Gantt Chart

gantt chart example
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The activities are represented from the far left column, while the far right column indicates which department is in charge of each action.

Business Plan Gantt Chart

gantt chart sample
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Visualize your company plan and important steps using the gantt chart sample above.

Consultants Gantt Chart

gantt template
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This demonstrates that even if you have numerous clients, you still know what your priorities are.

How to Make Gantt Chart Online?

GitMind may be used to create professional diagrams, flowcharts, and other sorts of charts. This tool is useful for creating Gantt charts. It has a layout for all flowchart situations, including gantt chart template. This tool also has insert choices for pictures, hyperlinks, and text, all of which are obviously important aspects in creating a Gantt chart. Instead of performing it by hand, this program will make it easier and faster. Furthermore, it is entirely free to use. The following are the procedures for using GitMind.

  • Open the page and click “Get Started”.
  • Go to the flowchart options and choose the “New Flowchart” icon.
GitMind New Flowchart
  • Select your preferred elements and start modifying.
Start Modiying Gantt Chart
  • Once done modifying, click the “Export” button and choose the file format that you desire.
Export Outputs


All of the gantt chart templates mentioned above are excellent for team collaboration and getting everyone involved in a project since team members can quickly see who is working on what and what has to be done next. However, you can easily accomplish all of this by utilizing a powerful application such as GitMind, which will make the task a lot easier.

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