15 Free Online Graphic Organizer Types and Examples

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Graphic organizer plays a significant role in a presentation or learning materials like books. It is characterized as a convenient means to identify key points and understand concepts in a subject area. In addition, this allows you to effectively create meaningful structures, make relationships of ideas, and have precise information. But depending on the context, the organizers have a variety of uses. Thus, here are some free graphic organizer types and examples to design perfect diagrams or charts according to your needs.

Types of Graphic Organizers to Visualize Ideas

Concept Map

You can also use a concept map to brainstorm ideas, discover a number of thoughts, solve problems, and visualize goals. Anyone can utilize this tool including designers, writers, engineers, and students for learning purposes. Similarly, you can branch out many ideas as needed and most likely to end up looking web graphic organizer. In other words, this is suitable for large and complex topics.

idea web graphic organizer
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Hierarchy Chart

Depending on your needs, the hierarchy chart comes with a variety of uses. It is utilized primarily used by Human Resources in creating an organizational chart. The same can be said when visualizing ideas. This graphic organizer lets you understand categories and subcategories by using the top-down structure of the hierarchy chart.

graphic organizer
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Cause and Effect Map

Cause and effect map assists in clearly determining the possible causes of a specific event, problem, or condition and take action to solve the issues. More so, it has a fish skeleton structure in which the bones represent the causes. The fish head to the right should reflect the main effect. Using this diagram, members can also participate in a team discussion when analyzing problems and take corrective actions.

Mind Map

A mind map is another helpful graphic organizer to show relationships between ideas. Instead of sentences, mind map ideally uses keywords per association to summarize information making it easier to memorize and recall. Besides, it allows users to be creative by integrating colors, font style, images along with several kinds of layout structure for a comprehensive mind map.

mind map graphic organizer
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T Chart

Another idea organizer that you can use to make a comparison of two options is the T chart. There will be two columns separated by a vertical line in between and a horizontal line at the top allotted for the headings or topics. Under each column are the characteristics, specs, events, situations, etc. This graphic free graphic organizer could help you to make clear decisions by comparing the pros and cons of a given occasion.

Timeline Chart

This chart is a type of diagram that shows the chronological order or sequence of events. Besides its beneficial impact on studying history, this may also come in handy if you’re trying to display development, progress, or improvement of a business. On some occasions, this graphic organizer is visually presented as a freeform shape but is ideally visualized horizontally or vertically.

free graphic organizer
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Venn Diagram

Venn diagram helps you visualize comparisons, differences, as well as similarities between two subjects. This has an interesting way of showing differences and similarities. Basically, creates an illustration of two overlapping circles where the similarities are located in the union of two circles or common area. While the unique characteristics or differences are inside its own area or sector. There are several types of Venn diagrams, online graphic organizers, with two or more circles as the topic gets complicated.

Tree Chart

Tree chart is a good way to classify information and a practical means in breaking down large projects into more manageable tasks. In addition, this can also be used to create a family tree chart for genealogy and organizing family information. The highest position is the main title and below are the categories. Each category has a list of subtopics to complete the tree graphic organizer.

online graphic organizer
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Sequence Chart

Sequence chart is a type of diagram that helps you to present the steps of a process in order. You may use it for essay writing, life cycle, or any situation that shows the stage of development. While the timeline chart shows dates and order of events, the sequence chart graphic organizer mainly focuses on details about the set of instructions of a process.

Idea Web Graphic Chart

If you are looking for an alternative to T chart and Venn diagram, Idea web graphic chart is nice choice. This is also a type of comparison chart between two topics. There will be two central circles that represents the main ideas. Each topic comes with conjoined branches that forms a single unit to indicate similarities. For the differences, there are another set of branches towards the sides of the circles forming an idea web graphic organizer.


Organizing or conducting biography research can be done with the help of a biography chart. With it, you can easily add the necessary information gathered in books, online resources, and analyze the collected information. You can categorize the data about the character’s accomplishments, experiences, personal information, and a lot more. Also, users may add images to this free graphic organizer to give emphasis as necessary.

graphic organizer
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Analogy Organizer

Another helpful organizer to help you analyze differences and similarities between two topics. Analogy organizer, in general, compares a new topic and a topic you are familiar with. Then, students or listeners must read and discuss with each other to identify the similarities and differences. This free graphic organizer encourages brainstorming and internalizing knowledge. By then, students will need to write a summary of the new topic.

Cluster Diagram

The next chart you can use to organize your ideas is a cluster diagram. It also helps a group of people in brainstorming and exploring ideas. The central node contains the main topic branching out to show relevant categories and subtopics. This also resembles a web graphic organizer as you continue adding layers to the diagram. So it’s best to use color-coding for each category for a readable and comprehensive organizer.

Persuasion Map

This organizer is dedicated to creating an essay outline focusing on persuasive writing. As we know, writings like speeches, essays, debates need an outline to lay out the flow of the essay and come up with a coherent outline. And to do that, you need a persuasion map free graphic organizer to determine and write down the main points, facts, and categorize ideas.

Problem-solving Organizer

Problem-solving organizer is a good strategy to improve your problem-solving skills. With it, you get to record ideas in a systematic way and think more effectively of possible solutions. It is also the best way to make everyone in the team participate by sharing ideas and organize them in structure.


Visual representation in learning plays an important role in improving your study habits and learning. This will help your capability to arrange your thoughts and organize them and give an accurate depiction of given situations. Learning through the use of online graphic organizers will bring out great ideas to have your tasks done in no time.

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  • Hierarchy charts visualize the elements of a system, organization or concept from its highest position to the lowest. Students can use this tool to understand the superordinate and subordinate categories of a topic and the relationship between them.
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