Best 7 Infographic Creators for Windows and Mac

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As the saying goes, Humans are visual creatures. This means that we learn and understand more if there are images included, rather than a simple narrative. With this in mind, humans developed a tool called infographics to help better disseminate information. Infographics comes in various designs, and can contain various details. With the help of these tools, people can present complex instructions easily, without confusing the other parties involved. On that note, there are many infographic creator present in todays technology. That is why we reviewed some of these tools to help you pick the one suited for your needs.

Top 7 Infographic Creators


gitmind infographics creator
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  • Web-based, doesn’t need any installation
  • Allows online collaboration between colleagues
  • Easily share your infographics via URL

GitMind is an online application that can be used to make various types of mindmaps and charts. Alternatively, you can also use it to design simple infographics, utilizing geometric shapes and texts. As a flowchart maker, we can say that it is one of the most easy-to-use tool. Based on this, we can also then conclude that it is a great infographic maker because of the rich editable features. Some features includes various shapes and elements. Aside from that, there is also the collaboration feature that allows users to invite their friends and colleagues to work simultaneously in a single project.


canva Infographic Creator
  • Free to use but with limited export features
  • Provides collaborative design feature
  • Offers various photo effects

Canva is an online professional graphics designer that can be compared to Adobe Photoshop if we are talking about pure graphic design. Canva provides various templates which is a great thing for beginners who are trying their hand in graphics design the first time. Among other infographic tools that we tried, we can say that this is one of the most hassle-free tools. It has a very small learning curve, thanks to its clear labelling of the options within. Capabilities wise, it has wonderful features such as photo enhancement, and design grids for extra visuals. Overall, Canva is one of the best tools that you can and we recommend.


venngage Infographic Creator
  • Provides custom templates made by other users
  • Privacy controls for your creations
  • Can be used for team sharing

When it comes to infographics, one can always rely on Venngage. This is a free infographic creator trusted by big names in business and other industries. Venngage is capable of editing mindmaps, flowcharts and other infographic materials if the situation asks for it. There are also templates that you can freely customize depending on your requirements. Additionally, being a users-friendly tool, you can rest assure that there will be no major hiccups while learning how to use this tool.


visme Infographic Creator
  • Integrates well with Microsoft Office apps like Presenter
  • Provides an offline editing mode
  • Supports videos and streaming

Visme is another infographic creator that’s free to use at some extent, but also offers premium subscription for better experience. Some of the things to expect here are the collaborative feature, animation options and data visualization features which are all essential in making infographics. Editing is also easy here since it utilizes the drag and drop feature. This way, it’ll be easier to manage editing images and other elements of your infographic materials even if you are just a beginner.


infogram Infographic Creator
  • Provides more than a million stock images
  • Easy to use editing panel
  • Offers various graphics for various platforms like social media and more

Infogram is one of the infographic tools that we recommended for making infographics. Aside from the usual elements that you can insert on your material, there are also stock images available here. Aside from that, it provides various modes fitted for various infographic needs such as social media, dashboards, and even Youtube thumbnails. There are also charts and maps within the tool that you can use and download instantly, which is a part of its extensive library. Overall, Infogram is without a doubt a great tool to try. Infographic Creator
  • Supports uploading of vector graphics and other image formats
  • Extensive templates library
  • Offer various kinds of dynamic chart is an online free infographic creator that supports all major web-browsers. There are many templates in its library, and majority of them are readily available for use. The tool supports various image files that you can incorporate to your infographic materials. Aside from that, there is also the option to share your creation with other via embed codes. also supports file exportation into various formats such as JPG, PDF and PDF.


free infographic tools
  • Offers ready to use templates
  • Wide-range of icons and images to make beautiful infographics
  • Supports high-resolution download

Lastly we have Piktochart. This infographic creator specializes in infographic making with its extensive list of icons and images readily available. Aside from that, templates are also available for those who don’t have enough time to make one. However, the tool boasts great user-experience, as they can confidently claim that you can make an infographic within 30 minutes. In-general, we can say that even if you are beginner, you will find your footing easily with this tool.


There are a lot of infographic tools these days, that it became hard to choose the right one for you. However, the dilemma doesn’t end there, because once you find one, you will then need to know how to use it. That is why we made this list, to help you decide which tool suits you best.

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