How to Write an Informative Essay for College Students?

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Informative essay is a type of writing that provides information to educate readers on a topic. It presents valuable information focusing on facts, details, and evidence. At the same time, it should not be argumentative or persuasive. For a high school or college student, it is one of the requirements to graduate from an educational establishment. Thus, if you want to master this academic writing and present a good paper, then read along with the post.

Informative Essay Guides and Examples

What is an Informative Essay?

Informative writing is a type of academic writing made for the purpose of educating readers about a certain topic or subject. This is mostly written by college students to write about different topics such as phenomena, events, people, etc. Moreover, it aims to give information to a person with less or no knowledge about a topic. And as a writer, he should know how to write an informative essay. He must have deep knowledge or research and understanding about the topic and come up with meaningful explanations, provide true and interesting facts. In the following sections, we will cover the informative essay outline examples and the essential parts that make up an essay. Check them out and get some useful insights.

Informative Essay Outline Examples

More often than not, we think that writing an essay can be done spontaneously. But this isn’t always the case in an informative essay. You need to consider that all relevant facts are presented while making it easier to read. On that note, we have created an essay outline examples with the help of GitMind. Below are two examples of informational essay writing outline that will help you structure your paper and organize ideas.

  • English Language Proficiency Essay Outline
informational essay outline
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This outline example talks about English language Proficiency and its benefits in professional and personal life. There’s an introduction, thesis statement, 3 main paragraphs that are broken down into sections, and a conclusion in the last part of the informative writing outline.

  • Effects of Playing Sports Essay Outline
informative writing outline
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If you’re planning to make an essay about sports, this outline might come in handy. It has all 4 essential parts. Similarly, there are 3 paragraphs where you can explain the topic in detail and other sections to support the main paragraphs.

Informative Essay Outline Elements

Before the actual informative writing, you can create an outline. Though it’s not mandatory, it is suggested to create one to present well-organized ideas and thoughts. The essay outline consists of four main elements. This includes an introduction, thesis statement, body, and conclusion if you would notice in our examples above. To write a compelling informative essay, you will need to understand each component which we will discuss below.

  • Introduction– this is basically where you should state what your essay is all about and its agenda. In other words, it’s a brief overview of your essay. You should also give readers expectations on what they will learn from your informational essay paper. For some useful tips, keep in mind that your introduction must strive to catch your audience’s attention while sticking to the topic. Hence, pick an essay topic that is not too general or too specific so you won’t be limited on what to write on your paper.
  • Thesis Statement– this part of the essay explains the main goal of writing an informative essay. You should be able to make a concise, brief, and simple thesis statement. The reason behind this is for the audience to easily understand the direction of your essay.
  • Body Paragraphs– the body consists of paragraphs where you will go into details. It should contain evidence, supporting details, unknown information, or interesting facts about the subject of informational writing and the explanation. Furthermore, it is the longest part of the essay containing a minimum of three paragraphs.
  • Conclusion– in the latter part of the essay a writer should provide a conclusion. This part where you can restate your thesis and summary of the goal. In other words, this is the part wherein the writer will give his final thoughts.


Informative essay is a great way to present new information or educate the reader. And writing this essay is not as complicated as you think. Anyone can easily understand its components and apply them in writing. With all things considered, we reviewed the basic knowledge about informative essays and provided essay examples that everyone can use for free.

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  • I am currently doing a lot of writing and one of them is informative essay. It's a good idea to make an outline first before writing essay to avoid confusion and waste of time. Great post!
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