KWL Chart: Definition, Samples and Templates

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Over the years, many educational methods and tools have been devised as a means to improve the quality of education. From charts to teaching techniques, educators have employed various tactics. KWL chart is one of the tools developed with the purpose of improving the learning capabilities of students. KWL charts are proven to provide significant results which is why it is widely used by education institutions. To know more about this type of chart, continue reading below to see a KWL chart example and other information.

KWL Chart Example and Definition

What is the Meaning of KWL Chart?

Before diving in too deep to the topic, let us first explain the meaning behind KWL. This is actually an acronym that stands for Knowledge, What will be learned and Learned. These are the core components of the entire chart and makes up its entire purpose. In actuality, the KWL chart is a straightforward diagram that is one of the simplest to make. All you need is to list down these three parts and list down their respective information. Now that you know the KWL chart meaning, we can proceed to the benefits of the this diagram below.

Benefits of Using KWL Chart

kwl chart

As mentioned, there are many good things that you can get by using this chart. Mostly effective as a teaching medium, KWL charts provides quick and efficient note-taking platforms for students. It can also double as an assessment form that teachers can use. This is to determine the knowledge that their students have about a certain topic, and their expectations about it. Many KWL chart template focus on this parts since it is its primary use. Other benefits of using KWL charts are:

  • Determine the difference between individual knowledge of students with a certain topic.
  • Keep track of the information that flows within the classroom on the teacher’s part.
  • Come up with other techniques to cater to the student’s needs more by analyzing the KWL chart.
  • Boost the student’s confidence about his knowledge by acknowledging it before the lesson.
  • Lets the teacher focus on the important details, and avoid going roundabout with topics that are already within the students’ knowledge.

3 Editable KWL Chart Templates

A great KWL chart example is the one that can be printed out and be easily understood. If you got interested in using this template while reading, then you can instantly use the templates below. These are some templates that you can modify and download for free. It will save you a lot of time and effort since all you’ll need is to print them out and give to your students.

  • Earth Season KWL Chart
season KWL chart example
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This template gathers information about the Earth’s four seasons. It also includes information about the origins, and answers some questions regarding the planet’s seasons. As the KWL chart template show above, some information are obtainable during and after each lessons.

  • Blank KWL Chart Example
kwl chart definition template
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This template is perfect for teachers that needs to quickly print out KWL charts. The sections of the chart are categorized equally and are clearly defined. There is also another section for keywords for students to use. Overall, this template is a life-saver in itself if you are in a hurry.

  • Mars Exploration KWL Chart Example
kwl chart template
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The last template is filled with information about the previous and recent Mars planet exploration. It also has information about the rovers that were sent to scout the terrain on the red planet. This KWL Chart example will be perfect for science class during astronomy subjects.


KWL charts are indeed one of the most useful tools developed by man to help students and teachers improve. It is also not a question that it is one of the easiest diagrams that you can make. However, it does not mean that you will be able to use it at will because it will take time to make one everytime. That is why it is recommended to always use KWL chart template when the need arises.

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