An Introduction to Lean Methodology for Project Management

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Lean methodology is a framework that supports the idea of maximizing the various resources like people, effort and energy to build good value for your customers. This is a good framework since it prioritizes customer satisfaction which can in turn lead to good reviews. Aside from that, there are other things that you can gain by using this framework. However, before exploring these benefits, let us briefly give you a background about the origins of this framework.

Lean Methodology Introduction

History of Lean Methodology

Heavily adapted in various industries, the concept of lean process was first used in Venice way back in the 1450s. However, it was the founder of Ford Motors, Mr. Henry Ford who integrated its use in the production industry. It was used by Western companies to be able to compete with the then more efficient Japanese companies.

Lean Methodology Principles

Like any other framework, this method follows certain principles that leads to its purpose. In a way, we can say that these principles govern the entire framework to make sure that it fulfills its job. The lean methodology relies on five principles which are the following:

  • Define Value – First thing that you need to know is what the customers want from your organization. In general, this principle focuses your attention in knowing the right item or product that matters most for your customers.
  • Value Stream Mapping – Next principle will guide you in assessing your overall processes towards providing the product. It is a great way to eliminate unnecessary steps in the lean process that doesn’t contribute to your purpose.
  • Flow Creation – Streamlining your processes after removing the unwanted ones comes next. Recalibrating your entire flow will save you a lot of time in producing the necessary service.
  • Establish Pull – This principle states that one should only provide the product when it is needed.
  • Pursue Perfection – This is a self-explanatory principle since it aims to keep the improvement going.

Benefits of Using the Lean Methodology

Lean project management is a great way to come up with strategies to provide better customer experience. Aside from that, there are several things that you can get from using this methodology. On that note, we listed down some of these additional benefits to give you a better idea.

  • Good way to manage teams with multiple members
  • Flexible way to manage various priorities
  • Project transparency in the team level
  • Boost the employee morale
  • Cost-effective
  • Customer-value improvement
  • Transparency for various stakeholders

Lean Methodology Templates by GitMind

Lean project management is a sure way to produce beneficial results for the entire company. Due to its effectiveness, it is only natural that it has gathered popularity over the years. This prompted the increase of templates that models the lean methodology for easier implementation. These templates are useful since they are ready to use, thus saving a lot of time. On that note, we prepared some templates that you can download for free. These templates were created using GitMind, a free mind mapping and flowchart maker that you can access online.

  • Lean Methodology Principles Template
lean process template
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The lean methodology provides a way to improve value for customers. The reason is because it follows a set of principles aimed to do that. The template above is the perfect example of these principles in visual form. You can use it for presentations and reports with an audience.

  • 5S Lean Methodology Template
lean project management template
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As mentioned above, the lean process is a method that can be integrated with other strategies. One example of these compatible strategies is the 5S methodology. As seen from the template above, the 5S focuses on steps that can help improve customer value. To download the template, simply click the button above.

  • PDCA Lean Methodology Template
lean project management
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The template above is a variation of the PDCA diagram. It is integrated with the lean project management method to focus only on the improvement of customer value. You can edit this template by clicking the button above.


If you seek to improve your entire organization while keeping customer value at its peak, then you should start implementing the lean methodology. There are many things to gain from this method, like being able to define values and more. On that note, for a swift way to start using it, you can download the templates above.

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