Top 10 Free Learning Platforms and Websites for Interactive Studying

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With the new normal condition, it remains a challenge for both teachers and students to learn and teach lessons in an effective and interactive manner. There has been a huge shift in the way people learn, teach, and work. Despite this, learning platforms online that offer opportunities and features to teach, learn and acquire skills have emerged. However, it’s quite difficult to choose due to the mixture of good and poor choices. Therefore, we prepared a list of top learning platforms for learning and teaching that will suit the current educational environment.

Best eLearning Platforms for Interactive Studying


online learning platform

If you are a self-taught programmer or developer, this is one of the best e-Learning platforms to consider visiting. It offers myriads of courses for programming. From JavaScript to game design and development, Udemy got your back. Instructors can also upload videos to share and provide knowledge to other learners. This also includes adding attachments such as PowerPoint presentations, PDFs, as well as live classes to create courses.


gitmind elearning platform

When you want to organize your thoughts and tasks and a mind mapping tool can help you out. For a free option, GitMind is a great tool to use. Among other online education platforms, this program helps you make mind maps that can help students summarize books or long notes. You can modify the color, text, and even add images. Besides the mind map, it lets you draw an org chart, UML diagram, analysis chart and so much more.


mindomo learning platform

Mindomo is also a mind mapping tool that helped a ton of professionals to present ideas and concepts in an engaging and interactive way. With it, instructors can make lessons through mind maps and turn them into a presentation. It is also one of the valuable online learning platforms for most students for essay planning, book summary, brainstorming, for a better understanding of topics. Furthermore, it has a huge library of icons that you can incorporate into maps to boost creativity.


coursera learning platform

Next on the list of best learning platforms is Coursera. It provides specialized courses, individual courses with support to on-demand video lectures, peer-reviewed assignments, and community discussions. Moreover, it features awards in a variety of degrees and certifications. However, it only caters to teachers who are in partnership with institutions. Yet you can assure that the quality of education is on par.


teachable learning platform

Just like other online education platforms, you can use Teachable to communicate with your students. Aside from that, you can profit from sharing your knowledge by selling online courses to your followers. Therefore, if you are a professor blogger, a content creator who wants to share valuable knowledge or skills online reaching a wide array of audiences, this platform is the place to be.


thinkific learning platform

One of the functional e Learning platforms that is noteworthy for its features and services is Thinkific. There are hundreds of courses that you can use as learning materials and help you in studying. Similarly, it enables professors to create and sell courses online. Otherwise speaking, it’s a good platform for the purpose of learning while making extra profits by sharing knowledge.


moodle learning platform

Moodle is among the top-performing and free online learning platforms packed with useful resources suitable for educators, freelancers, and organizations. It covers almost all types of education styles of teachers. As an instructor, you can provide collaborative learning through group activities, peer review, or full-scale MOOCs. If you want, you can also award students with certificates open badges based on their competencies. Aside from that, you can install the mobile version of the app to take classes on a mobile device.


dipity learning platform

If you want to create a timeline for free, you should visit Timetoast. It is one of the free learning platforms that host digital timeline management. Moreover, this program offers support to texts, images, links, stamps that you can add to the timeline. With that being said, you can research topics and create an impressive timeline from the information gathered. This has a great potential for learning social studies and the history of events or people.


wiziq learning platform

WizIQ is suitable for those who want to conduct live training, coaching, in a classroom-like feeling environment. Like other online learning platforms, it provides a service for educators to teach virtually. In addition to that, it gives you the opportunity to track learning progress using its eLearning reporting and analytics. On top of that, this tool program is available on Apple and Android devices enabling students to have access to learning from the comfort of their mobile device.


learnworlds learning platform

Last on the comparison list of online education platforms is LearnWorlds. It is a cloud-based platform that allows you to promote and sell online courses offering all the necessary marketing tools. The best part is that you can build your website for eLearning with access to useful features from creating and customizing the website, pages, and zone templates. Moreover, you can control how the visitor navigates the site and add restrictions on who sees and which page. Put in another way, it’s ideal for individual instructors, educators, trainers who want to make lessons interactive and easily sink in. 


Indeed, e-Learning platforms are helpful to aid in distance learning. All learning materials are provided and it will lie on your creativity to put up interactive and effective learning. If you like to suggest other helpful programs aside from the above-mentioned ones, you can do so by writing your insights in the comment section.

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