Lewin’s Change Model Analysis Definition Example and Tutorial

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Change is a consistent idea that goes through all organizations, paying little heed to measures, industry, and other factors. In fact, our business industry today is changing fast and associations should change rapidly, as well. Associations that handle change well flourish, while those that don’t may battle to endure. But the real thing is how businesses manage and make a change? Here, you will understand the processes of change based on their critical conditions as well as the people involved. In that case, you can try to look at lewin’s change model to fully understand organizational change.

Understanding Lewin’s Change Management Model

What is Lewin’s Change Model All About

Lewi’s change model is a basic and straightforward structure for overseeing change. By perceiving the three phases of progress (unfreeze, change, refreeze) to create a plan to carry out the change required. The lewin’s change management model also allows you to start by having the inspiration to change. You travel through the change cycle by advancing powerful correspondences and engaging individuals to accept better approaches for working. Also, the interaction closes when you return the association to a feeling of dependability, which is so important for making the certainty from which to set out on the following, unavoidable change.

3 Change Model Tempates by GitMind

In addition to lewin’s change management model, we’ve included different change model examples you may use if you want to build a change management system. GitMind can really help businesses on how to implement organizational change, although there is no clear right or wrong approach to manage change, there are a few tried-and-true change management strategies that businesses return to time and time again. Having said that, we have listed 3 change model templates that will definitely guide your business through change.

Lewin’s Change Management Model

Unfreeze Model
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The lewin’s change model is a structure that portrays that the justification change should be completely perceived by workers before any change can really happen. This is on the grounds that people will be more inspired to order a change when they know why it is fundamental. lewin’s model spreads out three stages – Unfreeze, Change and Refreeze – which help to guarantee that a change will be kept up with later on.

Change Model
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This is known as Field Theory, and it is commonly used to support change theories such as lewin’s three-step model. These models present business as usual in the current situation, to get a handle on bunch conduct, and consequently the conduct of people assembled all through the change connection, supervisors should investigate the degree and intricacy of the field.

Refreeze Model
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How to Make Change Model using GitMind

GitMind will allow you to easily create lewin’s change model, it also offers a free mind mapping program that is inventive yet proficient. With its enhanced subjects and format, users can quickly draw out mind maps, organization graphs, rationale structure outlines, tree charts, fishbone graphs, and many more. Likewise, this software allows you to share your brain maps with anyone. The mindmaps you have made are saved in the cloud instantly, which you can get to just inside the internet browser on your Windows, Mac OS, or cell phones anyplace you go. Having said that, you can follow the few steps below to learn the steps on how to create lewin’s change management model.

  • Open GitMind in a web browser, then click the “Get Started” box on the front page.
Start creating chart
  • Go to the homepage and click “New Flowchart” to get to the customizing interface or if you want, you can go directly on the pre-made templates.
New flowchart button
  • You can start changing your preferred lewin’s model right away by using the tool’s shapes and components.
Modifying chart
  • Select the “Export” option when you’ve completed altering the flowchart and choose the format you want to export it in.
Output options


This article shows a simple process on how to conduct lewin’s change model as well as understanding its theory and its various stages. It concludes that to start this process, you will need a great tool that offers a helpful system for overseeing hierarchical change all through various phases of the process.

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