Concept to Presentation: How to Make Flowchart in PowerPoint?

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Flowchart and PowerPoint? These tools are useful for presenting information in a clear and engaging manner due to their similarities.  Together, they create attractive and organized presentations that capture the audience’s attention. To distinguish, flowcharts use symbols and lines to show processes and workflows, while PowerPoint uses slides with text, images, and other visuals. The visuals include graphics, illustrations, diagrams, and the flowchart itself. Despite their differences, both teaching and presentation tools rely on visuals to convey complex ideas rather than extensive text.

For this reason, many instructors and presenters use flowchart in PowerPoint presentations to break down information into easily understandable graphics. Therefore, this article will teach you how to create flowchart in PowerPoint hassle-free.

How to Create a Flowchart in PowerPoint Creatively?

  1. Flowchart in PowerPoint: How are they connected?
  2. How to Make a Flowchart in PowerPoint with SmartArt?
  3. How to Create Flowchart in PowerPoint with Online App?

Flowchart in PowerPoint: How are they connected?

Below is the table that simply shows how flowcharts and PowerPoint slides differ in terms of how they convey information:

flowchart powerpoint gitmind 11

Overall, flowcharts are specifically designed to illustrate processes and workflows, while PowerPoint slides are a versatile tool for presenting information using a combination of text, visuals, and multimedia elements. You can still explore these tools by reading further below. Check it out.

How to Make a Flowchart in PowerPoint with SmartArt?

PowerPoint is a widely used software application developed by Microsoft for creating and delivering visual presentations. It offers a user-friendly interface with a range of slide layouts, design templates, and formatting options, enabling users to easily arrange and customize text, images, graphics, charts, and other visual elements on slides. PowerPoint supports the creation of multi-slide presentations, allowing information to be delivered sequentially and effectively. It provides pre-made designs, animations, and transitions to enhance creativity. Additionally, PowerPoint incorporates flowcharts through its SmartArt feature, which offers a diverse collection of flowchart shapes for different purposes. Users can beautify their flowcharts using the built-in flowchart editor.

And to use this, here are the steps how to create flowchart in PowerPoint with SmartArt:

  • Open PowerPoint and create a new Blank Presentation.

flowchart powerpoint 1

  • Remove the Text Box by pressing CTRL+A and Delete for a blank slide..
  • Then, design the blank slide accordingly.

flowchart powerpoint 2

  • After that, navigate to the Insert tab > SmartArt and select your preferred SmartArt Graphic.

flowchart powerpoint 7

  • To add text, double-click the shape and type the label of each shape to show the process or information you want to present.

flowchart powerpoint 3

  • Under the SmartArt Design tab, customize the color and layout of your flowchart. Or you can also add more shapes from here. 

flowchart powerpoint inserts 4

  • Finally, save your PowerPoint by clicking File > Save.

flowchart powerpoint 5

That’s how easy it is to make flowchart in PowerPoint. However, since this is mainly a presentation app, it only has the basic way to create and design flowchart. And to help you unleash your creativity more, allow us to introduce GitMind to you in the second part. Just continue reading to explore this popular mind mapping tool. 

How to Create Flowchart in PowerPoint with Online App?

If you’re aiming to create an impressive and visionary flowchart, consider using GitMind, an online mind mapping app that simplifies the process of creating flowcharts for PowerPoint. It saves you time by offering a variety of templates to choose from, allowing you to quickly conceptualize your flowchart. Alternatively, you can start from scratch and utilize the app’s basic elements, such as text, shapes, lines, and arrows, which can be customized with different colors, thickness, opacity, and text styles. To ensure alignment and organization, you can enable the Grid function and lock elements to prevent accidental movement. Interestingly, you can also easily add the flowchart to your PowerPoint presentation by inserting the SVG file, making sure to set the background as transparent for seamless integration.

Step-by-step guide on how to make flowchart with GitMind:

  • Go to the official website of GitMind and click “Try Now” to start.

flowchart powerpoint gitmind 1

  • On the right section, select Flowchart and Add new.

flowchart powerpoint gitmind 2

  • Next, select the shapes for your flowchart on the dropdown menu beside Basic Flowchart.

flowchart powerpoint gitmind 3

  • Then, go to the Arrow tab and select the connectors you like.

flowchart powerpoint gitmind 4

  • After that, add text by double-clicking the shapes you can also customize it right after.

flowchart powerpoint gitmind 5

  • When everything is set, customize your shapes and arrows color and outline accordingly.

flowchart powerpoint gitmind 6

  • To make it a transparent flowchart, double-click the page and go to to the Diagram tab. Hit Fill and select transparent from the color palette and hit Apply.

flowchart powerpoint gitmind 7

  • Once done, save it as SVG.

flowchart powerpoint gitmind 8

Steps on how to add flowchart in PowerPoint:

  • Open your PowerPoint slide.
  • Then, upload your pre-made flowchart from GitMind by clicking the Insert tab.

flowchart powerpoint gitmind 9

  • After importing, locate and resize it properly on your slide.

flowchart powerpoint gitmind 10

  • Save to keep the changes.


Indeed, Flowcharts and PowerPoint slides are effective visual tools. And by incorporating flowchart in Powerpoint, presenters create organized and captivating presentations. Both tools have the same goal and that is to focus on visual optimization and minimizing text for effective communication. And to make more creative flowcharts for your PowerPoint, you can always rely on GitMind for that.

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