How to Create an Effective Qualification Process Using MEDDIC Sales

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Are you having trouble closing transactions on a regular basis? Despite what some may say, the issue may not be with your business skills or proposal, but with the clients, you’re selling to. In that situation, developing a MEDDIC marketing strategy will be a great way to learn about and qualify your target market. You’ll know you’re marketing to the correct folks in the appropriate way, which will make closing transactions much easier. Having said that, This article will show you how to do it, or you can try out some of the templates offered below.

Understanding MEDDIC Sales Methodology

What are MEDDIC Sales?

MEDDIC sales strategies assist companies higher apprehending their audiences. It additionally aids withinside the identity of the underlying issues which might be hindering income. The MEDDIC technique can enhance any method of earning, no matter how basic or complicated the miles are. as it offers a goal assessment of the gives which might be being certified for income. These statistics additionally aid withinside the development of income forecasts. In addition, the MEDDIC framework method makes it possible to reach a more qualified public. It can be simpler to shut income while you are assured that you are providing to the right customers.

Steps of MEDDIC Sales

meddic framework
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1. Metrics

According to the MEDDIC sales methodology, In order to find out what the customer intends to gain from your solution, follow the MEDDIC process. You can use these metrics to describe the financial benefits of your product. You can demonstrate how your solution gives a decent return on investment if you know what metrics the consumer cares about.

2. Economic buyer

At this point in the MEDDIC framework, you’ll need to know who has the authority to make choices. Also, you should usually be speaking with somebody higher up in the organization than your current connection. Realizing the prospective buyer and their thinking can help you make sales because the buyer has the final say and is the only person who must be persuaded.

3. Decision Criteria

Companies will use different MEDDIC strategies or criteria to make purchasing decisions. They might even compare your offering to that of a competitor. Request that they express their criteria in writing; this will help you grasp the buyer’s evaluation process and parameters.

4. Decision Process

The goal of this MEDDIC sales stage is to get to know the buyer’s firm, authorized signatory, recruiting procedure, and timetable in order to avoid delays caused by internal processes. These persons will make the decision and will make the schedule on which they operate, and any planning permission processes in place are all part of the decision process.

5. Identify Pain

This section’s MEDDICsales methodology discusses the company’s actual pain areas that your product would solve. Be specific about your problems, because the industry expertise by itself is theoretical and confusing when presenting a solution. However, with a little investigation, you can pinpoint the particular issues. As a result, you have a greater probability of closing a purchase if you discover the customer’s particular pain points and propose the perfect remedy.

6. Champion

Based on the MEDDIC framework, a champion is a powerful figure within the organization. It will almost certainly be the person who is most afflicted by the company’s misery or who stands to gain more from your resolution. They are, however, well-liked and respected within the organization. They will represent your solution as an advocate.

Examples of MEDDIC Framework by GitMind

meddic sales methodology
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If you really want to create an effective MEDDIC sales process model, GitMind can help you with that. It’s an online application that lets you create a variety of flowcharts and diagrams. You may get started right away with the pieces in the collection. These features can be very handy while constructing diagrams. Additionally, this MEDDIC generator allows you to share your results with others through URL. Above all, technology may aid in the advancement of collaboration and innovation. Having said that, Listed below are a few simple steps on how to easily create a MEDDIC process model.

  • Go to GitMind official website and click the “Get Started” button to start creating the MEDDIC framework.
GitMind's Get Started Button
  • Choose the “Flowchart” tab and start modifying your data.
Meddic Modification Process
  • Once done, hit the “Save” button to save your modification, you can also share your outputs by simply hitting the “Share” button.
Saving Modification Process

Tips for Adopting MEDDIC Sales Methodology

The MEDDIC sales approach revolves around data. Teach your employees how to use data to:

  • Determine your target market.
  • To ensure that only quality prospects enter your sales pipeline, qualify leads.
  • Follow up on leads depending on the operational triggers like a prospect visiting your price page.


As you could see from the phases mentioned above, this process lays out a clear path for learning more about your potential customers and convincing them of the value of your product or service. Additionally, marketing and sales teams will encounter objections to the process because MEDDIC is a proactive approach. We recommend training your employees on how to deal with sales objections and keep deals from breaking apart. It is important to remember that learning a new procedure takes dedication, time, and effort.

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