Top 5 Useful Mind Mapping Ideas for Students

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We all know that a mind map is a diagram that is being used to visualize data so that it can be organized properly. Since students need to go through ginormous data mind mapping could help them arrange all of the relevant data for them to understand properly. It could also be a good alternative to traditional note-taking which is boring for others. By using mind maps students can make use of various colors, shapes, texts, and images that will help them understand a certain topic easier. With that being said, here are some mind map ideas for students that you can check out after the jump.

Best Mind Mapping Ideas

Note-taking mind map

The first of the essential mind mapping ideas for a student is a note-taking mind map. Note-taking is indeed a vital part of being a student and it can’t be left for granted if you want to pass. Traditionally, note-taking is being done by jotting important info’s sequential as it is being presented, or being read by the use of paper and pen. This method is effective, however, if you have a lot of topics to review, the plain text could be a little hard to retain. This is where the mind map takes in, unlike plain text, colorful shapes, elements, texts, and images are likely to be remembered easily. And since you’re the one who created the actual map and arranges the data, this increases the chance of you absorbing the details.

Just remember, there’s no need to write in full sentences. All you need is to jot down the relevant details or the keywords. You can use a different color for nodes and text to distinguish a certain data and to make it more pleasing, you can add images as well.

Comprehensive reading map

Another one of the mind mapping techniques that you can use is to create a reading comprehension map. This map could help students in breaking down the necessary details that are contained in a certain book or article that has complex structures as well as unfamiliar words.

comprehensive reading

In doing this mind map, you must divide the information into different groups. For example create a node containing information all about the author, a separate node for the characters, and a node about the plot, and so on. Just like in note-taking, there’s no need to write lengthy sentences just write the essential words or phrases and you’ll be okay.

Brainstorming map

If you’re a student and lacks idea when doing a project, presentation, or essay writing? Then this brainstorming mind map ideas for students is all that you need. We all know how annoying it is to be empty-handed especially when a certain deadline is approaching. And to avoid this from happening, simply create a brainstorming mind map so that you can gather and organize your thoughts better. You’ll just be surprised that you’ll be able to come up with such a plan in no time.


To start with this map, simply write the purpose of the project and what are you trying to achieve. From there you can start stacking up the ideas one by one. In case you run out of ideas, you can just add some lines and your brain will process it eventually.

Mind map for planning project

The next on the list of best mind mapping ideas is the group project mind map. In making a group project, collaboration is necessary so that everyone in the group can add their inputs regarding the project. By using the right mind map tool, anyone from the group can collaborate with just a few clicks. So there’s no limitation in adding and sharing ideas to the group and would help your teammates to visualize your project as you want it to be.

project plan

To make this mind map effective make sure that all of the group members have access to your group project’s mind map. And don’t delete any inputs if you’re the one who adds it, or asks permission from the other members before doing it.

Presentation mind map

A presentation is always a part of being a student and another way to present a presentation is by using a mind map. Since a mind map can provide vivid visualization of a certain topic through the use of elements, text, and images thus making it is a suitable method to use. It can help you make a presentation easily since there’s no need to go through numerous buttons just to create a presentation. All you need are some nodes, lines, and texts.

presentation mind map

Just make sure to emphasize the important parts of the presentation by using lively colored nodes and lines, as well as eye-catching images.

Perfect Tool for Creating Mind Mapping Ideas

Moreover, if you’re looking for a program that can help you create your mind mapping ideas possible, then GitMind is an outstanding tool that will suit all your mind mapping needs as a student. By using this mind map maker students can create mind maps easily as well as a flowchart. This tool has a built-in editor for making a mind map from scratch as well as pre-made templates that can be used as soon as you utilize the app. Here are some of the key features that you can get from using this outstanding program.

  • Easy to use mind map editor
  • Numerous editable templates to use
  • Save and sync across different devices
  • Share and collaborate easily
  • Add password to mind maps for privacy

What are you waiting for, check out this awesome mind mapping program now and hit the button below.



Those are the best mind map ideas for students that will help them accomplish their tasks on time. The old-school way of making a mind map is indeed classic. But with the modern advancement of portable gadgets and devices, it is more convenient to use mind mapping applications such as GitMind. For it can help you create incredible-looking mind maps and more accessible collaboration for any of your classmates.

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