Best 5 Free Online MindNode Alternatives for Mind Mapping

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MindNode is a decent mind map maker currently available for Mac and iOS users. It offers various functions that could help you create mind maps for your tasks. However, they are some instances wherein MindNode seems to be lacking something, or at some point that you can’t use it because you’re a Windows OS user. In addition to the costly premium subscription that the tool has. These are just some of the circumstances that lead to the query about the best MindNode alternative available. And to help you answer this query, here are the top 5 MindNode replacements that you can check after the jump.

Top 5 MindNode Alternatives


The first on our list is GitMind. This is a mind mapping application that works great as a MindNode Windows alternative since it is packed with functions that will make your mind mapping tasks easier than ever. It has a default editor that allows you to create a mind map from square one. Plus, it also offers multiple design templates that are readily available to use. Adding icons, hyperlinks, images, context, etc. can be done on your nodes to visualize the idea. In managing your files after editing, you’ll have various options whether to save them, export them, or share them with your friends for some collaboration. These functions are quite enough to say that it’s indeed a good alternative to use.

gitmind mindnode alternative

Supported platforms: Online, Windows, Android, iOS


  • Offers team collaboration
  • Numerous template styles
  • OCR recognition for mobile version
  • Supports export of files


If you’re fond of open-source applications then this next tool called FreeMind might suit you. This MindNode alternative has the feel of an open-source program but at the same time offers an easy-to-use user interface. It provides different hotkeys for faster editing, color formatting options, insertion of hyperlinks, and built-in icons as well. For keeping your files, this tool provides options to save or export the mind map that you created. Since the freest app runs with the JAVA app, installing it is a must before using it.

freemind mindnode alternative

Supported platforms: Windows, Mac, Linux


  • Export map to HTML
  • Quick one-click navigation
  • Can transform maps via XSLT


Another MindNode online replacement is Mindomo. This software is a concept, outlining, and collaborative application that enables users to manage information visually via a mind map. One of the main features of this mind map maker is that it provides better collaboration by forming an integration to third-party learning apps like Canvas, Office 365, and Moodle.

mindomo mindnode alternative

Supported platforms: Web-based, Windows, Mac, Android, iOS


  • Third-party apps integration
  • Web image search
  • Video and audio upload


SimpleMind is a Mindnode alternative that suits those who like to modify the looks of their program. Upon using this program, you’ll immediately be given an option of whether to use the light or dark theme for the app which is dope. The whole mind map can also be modified as you preferred, from the nodes, lines, and fonts. Adding icons, elements, and images is also possible through this program. To save a file you can do it on your PC, or store it on supported cloud storage such as Google Drive, Dropbox, and iCloud.

simplemind mindnode alternative

Supported platforms: Windows, iOS, Android, Mac


  • Hierarchial styles
  • Supports notes, call-outs, and labels
  • Supports insertion of video recordings


The last MindNode substitute on our list is Mural. This is a whiteboard application that also serves as a mind map maker, which is good for teams to remotely collaborate and visualize their ideas. Upon using this program, you’ll be able to utilize visual tools like sticky notes, flowcharts, diagrams, and frameworks. It keeps the created mind map, you can either let it autosave or export it to your computer. The share function is also available for those who need some team collaboration.

mural mindnode alternative

Supported platforms: Windows, iOS, Android, Mac


  • Serves as a digital canvas
  • Provides real-time editing
  • Offers scheduling tools


If you’re not comfortable using MindNode, then consider switching to other programs that work as a great alternative. Those programs provided above are the top-of-the-line replacement that you try on. Some functions are available on others but not available on some, so it’s better to check them all to see the one that fits your preference.

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