Readers Pick of Murder Mystery Books in 2024

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This year has brought so many terrific murder mystery books for those who are fun of this genre. Most of them are page-turners and will excite readers with unexpected twists and turns. However, choosing the best among the hundreds of published books can be time-consuming. Worry no more! Today, we have listed the readers’ picked book thrillers that will surely give you goosebumps. So what are you waiting for? Let’s get dig into this blog. 

Top Murder Mystery Books in 2024

murder mystery books
  1. The Maid
  2. The Family Remains
  3. The Woman in the Library
  4. The It Girl
  5. Daisy Darker
  6. Things We Do in the Dark
  7. The Likeness
  8. Insomnia
  9. The Resting Place
  10. One-Shot Harry

The Maid

First in line of the best murder mystery books that will surely give you chills is The Maid. This is a great novel written by Canadian author, Nita Prose. At Regency Grand Hotel, a guest mysteriously died. Molly Gray, a young girl who works as a maid in this urban hotel, is the prime suspect. She is also described in the novel that she has an obsession with cleanliness and having a few friends. With that, she is called a Weirdo. Going back to the murder, she was the first one who discovered Mr.Black’s body. 

Price: $16.00

The Family Remains

the family remains
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One of the page-turners of the good murder mystery books is “The Family Remains”. It is another masterpiece of the New York Times best-selling author Lisa Jewels. Anyway, this is a sequel to Jewels’ thriller book “The Family Upstairs”. Mainly, the novel will be about twisted marriages, fractured families, and their deadly obsessions. It is also a race to uncover the truth from the complicated mysteries of the characters’ past. 

Price: $ 10.99

The Woman in the Library

Next on our list is The Woman in the Library by the award-winning author, Sulari Gentill. Further, the twisted plot made this modern crime fiction novel considered to be one of the leading murder mystery books. As four strangers sitting at the same table in the Boston Public library, they heard a woman’s hair-raising scream. Upon hearing that, security guards take charge of investigating and instructed everyone to stay on hold. Although, each of the people inside has his/her reason to be in the reading room, one of them is surprisingly the murderer. 

Price: $ 7.39

The It Girl

If you’re a fan of Ruth Ware’s psychological crime thrillers, then “It Girl” is for you. It is among the most intricate murder mystery books that Ware has ever written. The story follows Hannah Jones as she sought justice for the death of her roommate at the dormitories of Oxford University.  However, ten years after, the man who is convicted of killing April was found innocent but died in prison. As Hannah and her friends unite, there is something about them that haunts her about the mystery of April’s death. 

Price: $ 14.99

Daisy Darker

Daisy Darker is the fifth in the satisfying and heartwarming collection of Alice Feeney. This psychological suspense has a breathtaking twist about the Darker Family’secret. Moreover, this makes it among the best murder mystery books for its genuinely creepy dysfunctional family fairy tale. What’s more exciting about this novel is that every member of the family has secrets that are kept for a long time. 

Price: $ 14.99

Things We Do in the Dark

The title itself, “Things We Do in the Dark” will let your curiosity get deep into this book. Aside from Little Secrets and Jar of Heart, this is another jaw-dropping novel by Jennifer Hiller. The story covers the alleged murder of Paris Peralta’s celebrity husband. As the investigation progresses, she is worried that the media will unveil her secrets and dark past. 

Price: $ 14.99

The Likeness

the likeness
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Getting yourself one of the tana french books in order can be a great satisfaction for your mystery book cravings. The Likeness is the second volume of French’s Dublin Murder Squad series, after the first which entitle “In the Woods”. Furthermore, the story continues as the traumatized  Detective Cassie Maddox found a dead body that looks like her. So, to solve the mystery Cassie will live like her and investigate who is responsible for Lexie’s death. The revelation will really give you a goosebump and will surely leave you in shock. 

Price: $ 9.99


If you enjoy your thrillers as dark as possible, then “Insomnia” by Sarah Pinborough is a must-read. It is among the mind-bending murder mystery books that you should try. Emma discovers she can’t sleep as her 40th birthday draws near. Her mother experienced the same event, and the consequences were disastrous for her entire family. She now appears to be taking after her mother’s sleeplessness. Even if Emma desperately wants to keep her childhood trauma in the past, this still haunts her.

Price: $ 14.99

The Resting Place

The international sensation Camilla Sten gives another spooky mystery with her horror novel “The Resting Place”.  Brace yourself to find out deep-rooted secrets, twisted family history, and a house that will never let go. Well, you should start by knowing the leading character that is named Eleanor. She has prosopagnosia or a health condition that has difficulty recognizing a familiar person’s face.  Upon reading this character-rich book up to the end, you will surely say it is one of a good murder mystery books. 

Price: $ 14.99 

One-Shot Harry

Last but not least that deserves a spot in our recommendation for the thriller book, is One-Shot Harry. The lead character, Harry Ingram sees images of a deadly vehicle accident that appear to show tampering with the brake line. With that, this black news photographer in Los Angeles in 1963 starts to believe there was foul play. Harry’s probing puts him in the sights of assassins hired by a white supremacy group, but he won’t be stopped. 

Price: $ 14.99


Above are the listed murder mystery books that are worth reading and will make your heart thump. Certainly, each has suspense and a twisted plot that will keep you turning pages. If you feel you deserve one of these, don’t hesitate to avail yourself.  Furthermore, if you want more good book recommendations please leave us a comment. And don’t forget to follow GitMind for exciting blogs like this. 

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