Top 7 Best Notion Alternatives to Improve Your Productivity

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Notion is an exceptional productivity tool providing useful functions like writing repository, project planning, and a bunch more. What’s captivating is its real-time collaboration feature granting access to various capabilities to effectively communicate with your team. Without a doubt, it’s a flexible and capable tool. However, the interface and how to use the functionalities are rather confusing. Teams need a solution that will help increase productivity with minimum configuration as much as possible. Hence, we’ve come up with a list of best Notion alternative apps that will help projects teams or a student to focus on productivity with ease.

7 Reliable Notion Alternatives

Microsoft OneNote

alternative to notion

Microsoft OneNote is a free productivity tool offering a plethora of functions with few extra useful features alongside. The tool stores all content including notes, documents, and images in OneDrive which gives you up to 5GB storage space. It is compatible with the iPad supporting Apple Pencil for handwritten notes and colorful. If a stylus is not available, you can just use your fingertip in taking handwritten notes. What makes this a great alternative to Notion is that you can integrate extensions to like Office Lens that captures and converts pictures into an editable document.

Key features:

  • Incpororate extensions
  • Uses OneDrive for storage
  • Works on any platform or device


free notion alternative

GitMind is a mind mapping tool designed to transform ideas, concepts, lectures into comprehensive illustrations. It does similar things as most of the productivity tools. You can take notes through mindmaps, generate essay outlines, and even summarize books which students will find helpful. The tool also features cooperation that allows you to collaborate with very minimal configuration. On top of that, this free Notion alternative is available on both Android and iOS devices. As a result, you can make creative illustrations at the convenience of your mobile device.

Key features:

  • Cross-platform tool
  • Collaboration feature
  • Pre-made mindmap templates

Google Keep

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If you are into writing notes, task lists, and reminders, then Google Keep is for you. The success of this web app lies in the little notes that are displayed on a digital bulletin-like board. There you can access a myriad of notes. You may organize them using the color-coding capability of the tool. When your lectures or notes are piled up, you can always search for the word related to the notes you are looking for. Moreover, users can set reminders in case they have urgent tasks to finish or meetings to attend to that will give you reminders. You can also set the date, the specific time, and specify the frequency. For a quick reminder and instant jotting down of notes, Google Keep is definitely an excellent Notion alternative.

Key features:

  • Alerts and reminders
  • Pin notes
  • Color coding feature


evernote alternative to notion

Another good placement for Notion you should try using is Evernote. Just like the other existing solutions, this app is compatible with different devices and platforms. It has a web app, desktop software, and mobile versions available. Another notable feature of the app is its document scanning. This lets you capture a picture of receipts, documents, or invoices and save them alongside your notes. Interestingly, handwritten text on a page is searchable making it the best app alternative to Notion.

Key features:

  • Available on Android and iOS
  • Scan documents through smartphone
  • Handwritten text on page are searchable


notejoy Notion alternative

Next on the list is Notejoy. This is a collaborative note-taking software that you and your team will enjoy using. This offers the flexibility to share your data including documents and notes with your teams. Additionally, teams will be able to view and edit them in real-time. This particularly helps if there are multiple members working on one project simultaneously. It also comes with a focused view that removes all distractions and allows you to focus on creating and editing your notes. Overall, it may be said that Notejoy is a great free Notion alternative.

Key features:

  • Real-time viewing and editing notes
  • Focus view for concentration
  • Collaboration feature


boxnotes Notion alternative

BoxNotes is another tool that qualifies as an excellent replacement for Notion. The app is backed by enterprise-grade security so you don’t have to worry about losing any important notes. Also, it meets global compliance standards such as HIPAA and FedRAMP. Like most of the Notion alternative programs, you can use this software on your Web, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android, and Windows. This makes it easier for you to jot down notes whenever, wherever needed. Therefore, if you are looking for a secure and cross-platform tool, look no further than BoxNotes.

Key features:

  • Manage notes and information securely
  • Wide range of compatibility
  • Clear and simple user interface


tettra Notion alternative

Last on the list of programs that is a great alternative to Notion is Tettra. This is a knowledge-based software that organizes the knowledge of the company or organization. Here you can share notes, manage projects, documents, and employee onboarding. Furthermore, it enables you to integrate Slack when sending answers to the questions from your teams. And when a page is updated, you may send a notification to the team to inform them about the changes. This keeps them posted and no one will be left uninformed about any important news.

Key features:

  • Powerful app integration
  • Set a notification
  • Best for building a knowledge base


There are an abundant amount of great replacements for Notion online. Whether for note-taking, project management, or team collaboration, you will surely find one that offers your needs. To make your work easier, we compiled a list of best and free Notion alternative programs considering all functionalities and features.

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