Ultimate Guide: How to Develop a Functional OKRS Template

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Teams of various sizes use the OKRs template to work together and reach ambitious but achievable goals. OKR helps businesses to implement strategies with clarity and coherence among their employees, and even stakeholders. What’s more interesting about it is that it can help team members to become more productive and efficient in their duties. For that reason, the company increases its sales. So, without further ado, let’s talk about how to create an OKR framework and how it can be beneficial for you.

What is an OKR?

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OKR is an approach to developing ambitious goals with measurable outcomes which can be used in the collaborative goal-setting process. It was created by Andrew Grove, the third CEO of Intel Corporation. Anyway, this performance management framework stands for Objectives and Key Results and was based on Peter Drucker’s Management by Objectives.  To fully understand the OKR goal template later, let’s discuss the Objective and Key Results respectively. 

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Objectives refer to the important, specific, and practical goals that must be accomplished within a given time frame. Setting objectives could help you achieve positive results and can boost productivity in your business. Further, it also promotes a well-organized and motivated atmosphere that is healthy for team efficiency. 

Key Results (KR)

Key Results serve as a gauge to assess if the Objectives have been reached. Effective KRs are aggressive yet realistic, specific, and time-bound. With that, you should avoid uncertainty and ambiguity when measuring the progress toward the objective. Here, you can be able to quantify and break down important findings into particular metrics.

Why is OKR important?

The OKR planning template helps monitor progress toward concrete targets while fostering alignment and engagement. It also integrates business strategy for the fiscal year, set goals for you and your team, and directs everyone toward the same important outcomes. Moreover, it supports the company’s mission and vision, highlights main priorities, and encourages staff participation. For this reason, the OKR technique to manage your business is efficient and encourages transparency as well as internal cooperation.

How to Create OKRS Template?

  1. Get the Right Tool
  2. Build a Productive Team
  3. List the Company Objectives
  4. Identify Key Results
  5. Develop Strategies
  6. Track the Progress

Step 1: Get the Right Tool

It is vital to choose the appropriate tools for a specific task, regardless of what department you are in. Without the proper equipment, you can waste time and effort trying to achieve your target and goals. Besides, it may lead to poor production and outcomes. Good thing, in the modern era, we can take advantage of technology that can help us finish projects and tasks with no hassle. When it comes to brainstorming and project management, GitMind is a leading tool that you can consider trying. You can even use it to create OKRs template and collaborate with your team in real time. Additionally, this is a practical and professional tool that can be very beneficial to your business.

Step 2: Build a Productive Team

With the right people to join your team may sound demanding, but you need it if you want to reach success. Grouping individuals with various characters can frequently result in conflicts, misunderstandings, and reduced productivity. So, you should thoroughly choose people that could help you implement your objectives and gain progressive outcomes. Afterward, the potential team members need to be aware of the company’s long-term plans and strategies in order to be able to achieve a specific goal. Keep everyone informed about the company’s objectives so that they are all on the same page. 

As teamwork allows your group to share ideas and duties, it makes everyone feel less stressed and enables them to be more meticulous and thorough in their task completion. This will help them fast reach their team objectives.

Step 3: List the Company Objectives

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Setting goals for your company and developing specific targets to assist you to achieve each goal can significantly increase your chances of success. Having SMART goals helps keep you motivated and productive. Your work can be broken down into more manageable tasks when you establish clear objectives. With the use of the OKR planning template, a company can assess its operation, business plan, and capacity for production. Furthermore, determining your company goals helps you to streamline the decision-making process. The path that the company plans to go is also made clear by its goals and objectives to important stakeholders like employees and investors. 

Step 4: Identify Key Results

okrs planning template
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As mentioned earlier, Key Results are quantifiable outcomes necessary to accomplish the Objective and serve as a marker for your progress. You should divide the objectives by the key results to calculate how far you have come from the objective. With that, the OKR tracking template helps you to determine important areas in the business. These include product quality, profit and economic gain, customer satisfaction, team management, innovation, and employee fulfillment. 

Step 5: Develop Strategies

Once you have come up with your objectives and key results, it is now time to develop strategies. You should establish the techniques and methods that you will use based on the final results you gain on OKR. By doing so, it is much easier for you to formulate and acquire ideas that can increase efficiency and boost productivity in your company. You can also discuss and brainstorm with your team to formulate an efficient strategic plan. 

Step 6: Track the Progress

As the strategies are being implemented, keep track of the progress. You can use some tools to monitor key performance indicators (KPIs). This could also help you to determine which goals are met and which part of the plan you’ve failed. From that, you can develop another plan to improve and increase productivity in your business. 


Overall, OKRs template are planned for and monitored to boost the company’s success. No wonder why small and big businesses use this goal management. Indeed, it is a powerful tool to improve collaboration among team members and promotes teamwork as they work together for a specific goal. Anyway, we hope that this article helps you to get some ideas on how to improve productivity in your business. Stay tuned for more interesting and exciting blogs.

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