Top 10 Best Free Microsoft OneNote Alternatives in 2024

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Your one-stop-shop for note-taking needs. Microsoft is equipped with great features. You are given the option to type, write or draw on a digital canvas as if you are using a pen and paper. It also enables you to save clips from the web, pull up notes from different devices, and a bunch more. However, the heavy resources of taking too much space on the device. Also, users can only access limited features depending on the device they are using. Taking these into account, we’ve listed some excellent OneNote alternative programs built with useful features.

Microsoft OneNote Alternative Tools

Google Keep

microsoft onenote alternative

Google Keep is a free web-based program that enables you to take notes provided you have a Gmail account. You can simply jot down your thoughts in post-it-style notes arranged on a bulletin-like board. You can easily see all your content and mark in color to easily locate them in just a glimpse. Say all the notes marked in green color are completed and red is the urgent ones, it’s up to you. The best part about this OneNote free alternative is you can pin the important notes for quick and easy access.


onenote alternative

For students who are looking for an extraordinary method to make lectures or to-do lists, mind mapping could be of great help. GitMind lets you write down notes through mind mapping which is opposed to the monotonous linear notes. It comes with various free editable templates to make visually appealing maps. Moreover, you can add icons such as progress meter, priority flags, numbering, and a lot more. There is also rich formatting every user can access allowing you to modify branch color, shape, font style, and add links. This is why GitMind is one of the best program alternatives to OneNote. On top of that, the tool has released its mobile version supporting both Android and iOS devices. Henceforth, it will be convenient to take down notes having the ability to take notes right on your smartphone.


onenote free alternative

From the name itself, Simplenote is among those note-taking apps suitable for beginners. It has a straightforward and clean user interface that lets you focus on writing your notes, to-do lists, and reminders. What’s more, you can switch to the dark mode environment to lessen distractions and keep ideas flowing. The best part about this Microsoft OneNote alternative is that it is lightweight and works well on any device even with low hardware specifications.

Nimbus Note

nimbus note onenote free alternative

When it comes to comprehensive organizing of notes, projects, and multiple documents, look no other than Nimbus Note. The hierarchical structure of notes makes a clear overview of all your notes. Additionally, the tool has a tagging system to easily find the specific document that may exist in multiple folders. This is possible with the help of the tool’s search capability where you can search directly for a tag. What’s more with this OneNote alternative is you can also search for keywords along with the tag and get the result you are looking for.

Keep It

keep it onenote free alternative

Keep It is another note-taking program that is available on Mac and iOS devices. This allows format your notes with several built-in styles to make them good-looking. You can insert numbered lists, checklists, bullets, dividers, or links. It keeps everything in iCloud giving you access to your contents on whatever device iOS you are using. Say you start taking notes from your Mac, you can pick up where you left off on another device like an iPad or iPhone. Definitely one of the most helpful features that this Microsoft OneNote alternative offers.


evernote onenote free alternative

Taking into account the flexible note-taking, portability, and content organization, Evernote might be the tool for you. The tool enables you to connect it to productivity tools you and your team are probably using. As a result, it’s easier to share content whether it’s meeting minutes, documents, or project notes. Another highlight of the tool is its web clipper. This useful feature allows you to save web pages that caught your interest, take a full or partial page screenshot, and keep bookmarks. There’s no denying Evernote is one of the best alternatives to OneNote.


goodnotes onenote free alternative

GoodNotes is a reliable note-taking app to record your thoughts, to-do lists, project lectures, and many more. The app is solely developed for iPad users who do most of their lectures or productivity tasks on iPad devices. It offers support to Apple Pencil input to take notes just as you would normally do when using a pen and paper. Besides, it also supports handwritten which is pretty helpful for writing mathematical equations or drawing illustrations. GoodNotes also comes with an iCloud sync where you can pull up your notes from different devices with ease. GoodNotes is truly deserving to be on our list of OneNote alternative programs.


notion onenote free alternative

Whether you are a professional or a student who wants to keep organized and stay productive, Notion is well suited for you. It is not as simple as the ones above, but not so complicated either. The reason being is because of the options that users can tweak to customize the notes. This lets you sort tasks or notes using kanban boards, lists, and tables. Aside from that, it also comes with different options for projects allowing you to assign members, insert documents, checklists, and many more. Arguably, it’s not only an excellent Microsoft OneNote alternative, but it’s also a good replacement for project management tools like Trello.


ulysses onenote free alternative

Ulysses is another great no-taking app you should consider using. It combines the benefits of a functional and simple tool to record your important lectures. Aside from jotting down notes, the tool allows you to export your notes into various file formats like HTML code, PDF, eBooks, and Word docs. It works well with Mac, iPhone, and iPad. The best part is you can access the same set of features no matter the device. Other notable features include editor themes, attachments, automatic backup, and auto-save. If you are looking for a multi-functional OneNote free alternative, Ulysses is worth the try.

Zoho Notebook

zoho notebook onenote free alternative

Last on the list is Zoho Notebook. This is a cross-platform note-taking software offering support to Windows, Android, iOS, and Mac. There are no restrictions to the number of notes you can sync and the device where you can access your contents. Similarly, the tool lets you grab some web content or articles online through its web-clipping tool. What’s more, it comes with an option to customize the covers for your notebooks to make them more personalized. Thus, Zoho Notebook is a great alternative to OneNote to take digital notes online.


There’s no right or wrong app for note-taking programs. Long as they serve their purpose and accommodate people’s needs. Most of these programs are suitable for beginners and even advanced users can benefit from them.

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