Top 10 Free Online Sticky Notes Tools for Students

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Exams are nearing, you haven’t started with your proposal yet, and assignments are underway. Whether you are a student or a professional, it’s a common dilemma to squeeze in your time with all the tasks and deadlines to make. One of the best hacks you should incorporate into your workflow is recording your tasks on sticky notes. Having a list of things to do helps you make an organized system for finishing them and arrange them to their importance. Also, using sticky notes makes it easier to immediately write down your thoughts when an idea strikes. That said, we prepared a list of digital sticky notes you can use right here, right now.


10 Free Online Sticky Notes Tools


digital sticky notes

First off we have Cardboard. The tool enables you to input text on the digital cards, adjust the card color and the font of the text. It’s also an easy-and-drop interface that allows you to freely move the cards around. That means you can arrange the cards however you like. This is not only designed to help you remember tasks. Out of these digital sticky notes, you can pull off meaningful illustrations like business models and customer journey maps.


free sticky notes tool

Cardsmith is a web-based sticky notes tool that lets you easily add notes on a digital whiteboard. The tool lets you add a title to the front of the card and details to the back. Here you can insert images, add a bullet list, text field, and link the card for additional information. Moreover, you can choose from the short title, long title, or image card view which is useful if you want to quickly see the content of the card. For a functional and free sticky notes tool, Cardsmith is a noteworthy app.


pinup sticky notes tool

Another sticky notes app you should consider using is Pinup. What sets this apart from the other programs is that it allows you to add canvas. Therefore, if the sticky notes are jammed on a certain canvas, you can always add a new canvas and place the other sticky notes there. The best part is you can change the background of the canvas or upload a picture and set it as a background. This online sticky notes app is especially helpful if you are working on projects and classify their themes.

Hott Notes

hott notes sticky notes tool

If you’ve got important events or tasks to be reminded of, Hott Notes is the sticky notes app developed for this kind of need. Using this tool, you can create checklists so you won’t miss any deadlines. Besides, it lets you annotate on the screen of your desktop allowing you to draw pictures, write notes, and resize sticky notes to your preference. On top of that, this digital sticky notes program grants you access to different themes and adjust the transparency accordingly.


linoit sticky notes tool

Linoit is a cross-platform tool that works well with popular browsers. Thus, you don’t need to download an extra application which usually takes time instead of quickly taking down notes. Moreover, the tool is available on different platforms such as mobile, tablet, and desktop. Long as you have a browser, you can write down important notes digitally. What’s so good about this free sticky notes tool is the ability to incorporate media files like videos and pictures. Especially when you want to save memories and unforgettable moments, this is a perfect tool to save them digitally.


ideaboardz sticky notes tool

Whether you want to gather thoughts, ideas, or insights, IdeaBoardz is an ideal tool. It comes with different sticky note structure formats including retrospective, starfish retrospective, thinking hats, and many others. Also, it allows team members to vote on a specific note as an indication that they agree with someone else’s idea. Once the discussion is through, users may export the entire session as a PDF or excel file. To sum up, this is a great online sticky notes app designed for collaboration and brainstorming.


padlet sticky notes tool

Padlet is an active bulletin board where students and teachers can share content in real-time. This is a perfect tool to facilitate distance learning. Most importantly, students may collaborate using this tool whenever they are having a group activity. Similarly, it provides you with a selection of however you want the digital sticky notes to be formatted. There’s also a quick preview to see if the padlet format suits the format you are trying to build.

Microsoft Sticky Notes

microsoft sticky notes tool

Microsoft Sticky Notes is a default program for every Windows user. That means you don’t have to install an additional program. You can add text with the options for modifying the font to bold, italic, underline, and strikethrough. What’s more, you can add a bullet list for an organized view of the list of your tasks. Also, you can choose to add images from your local drive computer. With this free sticky notes tool, you may arrange notes in one folder to keep seeing them all over the place on your desktop screen.


stickies sticky notes tool

Developed to be a simple and easy-to-use sticky notes program, Stickies deserves to be on the list. Likewise, this lets you customize the appearance of the content in the sticky notes. This includes the fonts, colors, and buttons. You can even add links to the notes and resize the notes themselves. Apart from that, the sticky notes will remain in their places on your screen even if the computer is rebooted. Over and above, this digital sticky notes app supports international languages, TRL, and Unicode text.


groupmap sticky notes tool

If you are looking for another collaborative tool to brainstorm ideas or organized tasks together with teams, GroupMap does not fall behind. Besides writing notes, the tool provides the team with useful tools for effective discussion. You can facilitate discussion with up to 2000 people in the same room. Moreover, the tool knows no time and space that means you can conduct brainstorming sessions remotely across different countries. Also, you can break down people into groups or departments to your liking. Overall, GroupMap is a top-of-the-line online sticky notes tool with a bunch of features for collaboration.


Above are the best and free sticky notes programs that you can incorporate in your school or work to increase productivity and eliminate procrastination. Each program offers excellent features and is best in its own right. Just choose which tool suits your workflow best.

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  • Google Keep is my favorite online sticky note tool. It's easily accessible whether you're on the phone or computer. It really helps me to take and make important notes.