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Note-taking is one of the most important elements of studying. If you know how to take down notes effectively, you can improve your learning speed. Most students nowadays don’t want to write down notes on actual paper. Many use a smartphone or computer to take notes. Or they take a picture of the lecture written on the board. Because of this trend, we now have a plethora of great note-taking apps. Here are the tools that you need to know in order to develop better note-taking skills.

Top 7 Note-takingTools for Students


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It is a web-based tool that is made for making mind maps and diagrams. You can use this tool if you want to want to create notes and diagrams. Furthermore, with the help of this tool, you can turn long lectures or discussions into mind maps. It is free and you can run it on Mac, Linux, and Windows devices. You can also view it on your mobile devices. Moreover, it has task priorities that remind you to focus on what should go first and so on.


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This tool requires you to log into an account. The purpose of the account is to sync the data from one file to another to make note-taking more accessible. Moreover, this tool has a web clipper that lets you copy and paste images and information directly from the web to Evernote. It also has a document-scanning feature that allows you to save documents as images or files.


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It is a free app made for note-taking, but it requires you to download it. This app can be used on Mac, Windows, Linux, iOS, and Android devices. Furthermore, it has an auto-backup feature that allows you to retrieve the file from its original copy, which is very important when taking down notes. In addition, it can perform markup features, which is also essential for HTML files.


note taking software

This free note-taking tool is connected to Microsoft. It appears to be a virtual notebook. If your device supports a stylus pen, you can use it for actual handwriting. It runs on Windows, iOS, and Android devices. Furthermore, create notebooks and sections on OneDrive from your Android devices. Using this tool, you can also insert recordings or audio files, which other note-taking tools do not support. You can also multi-task by opening multiple windows.

Google Keep

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As the name suggests, this app is connected to Google. It is accessible on Mac, Linux, Windows, iOS and Android devices. With the help of this tool, you can take down notes and save them. Moreover, you can create unlimited notes with this tool. You can also set reminders for your future tasks or create a to-do list, which is very important for note-taking. This is the case especially when we want to be reminded of the important tasks that we need to do for school.


edit pdf

This web-based software serves as a PDF manager. This tool is very useful for converting pdf documents or notes into other file formats. It can also edit a PDF file to help you easily create your lecture notes. This tool does not require any technicalities. It involves just a few simple steps, it is free and it is accessible on Mac, Linux, Windows, iOS and Android devices.

Dropbox Paper

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You can use this app on mobile devices and other devices connected to the web. It is very easy to use. Moreover, it has a sharing option that allows you to easily share the notes whenever you want. It also has the option to embed code that can be very helpful for web developers and programmers.


With the help of the tools mentioned above, we can make notes more effectively. Note-taking is not just a necessary task. It is a skill that is needed to be developed. If you know how to take down notes effectively, learning will be easier for you and it helps us develop a habit of focusing on the important details.

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