The Most Popular Decision Tree Makers

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Had you been in a situation when you were filled up with passion and enthusiasm but were not inspired or motivated to make a decision? Life is full of infinite possibilities. A wise man would like to list the consequences of his actions as much as possible with a well-organized decision tree structure.

If you have the intention to shake off uncertainty and ambiguity, it’s highly recommended to try the following decision tree makers out.

5 Practical Decision Tree Makers


Price: Free

Feature: Collaborative, Quick, Smart

Popular Decision Tree Makers

GitMind is one of the most comprehensive decision tree makers for free online users. Besides the decision tree diagram, it also provides diversified templates including a fishbone chart, an org chart, and so on. With one click, you can settle on the whole layout. Quick shortcuts will help you make a decision tree in a short time. Though GitMind is free, it manages to provide users more considerate services. Concurrent collaboration with remote colleagues by sharing is also a remarkable function of this free software. Additionally, free users can save their decision tree chart to the cloud or share as a photo without any expiration date.



Price: Free for limited version

$6.99 on iOS for additional features

$29.99 on macOS

Feature: Sync phone with Mac, Flash, Universe

What about an inspired thought at midnight? How could you capture the idea in a short time? Mindly is such a decision tree maker created for mobile devices. It expands like a universe, different from the traditional decision tree, the branches surrounding the central idea. In order to solve the inconvenience that mobile users face, Mindly will automatically open a new layer and zoom in to let you focus. It flows fluently, like a flash. You are able to save as a PDF to share with your colleagues and friends. And you can also sync your mobile apps with Mac devices. Since Mindly’s designing style seems partial to individuals, it may not be suitable for formal presentations or conferences.



Price: $14.99

Feature: Fluid, Creative, Flexible

Scapple allows users to start with more than one node, which gives more flexibility and less limitation. It does work when you only have some phrase fragments and at the moment have no idea about the causal relations between them. After you connect the branch ideas together, you will get the final decision tree.



Price: Free for limited version

$4.99/month for Personal plan

Feature: Project task, Collaboration, Live video

When it comes to MindMeister, it’s worth mentioning that it enables you to embed live videos within the canvas. You can add team members and leave a comment on ideas as well. Since MindMeister is integrated with MeisterTask, an excellent online project management software, it is definitely a good choice for a project manager to track task progress.



Price: For desktop & mobile $4.99/month

Feature: Professional, User-friendly, Relatively expensive

From consumers’ all-rounded demands, XMind is something of a user-friendly decision tree software indeed. Even when we take its relatively higher price into account, it’s still extremely cost-effective. XMind gives more space to users’ creativity and imagination with personalized editing functions. Users on the iPad are able to drag and drop the view as well as attach photos and files from other apps. Users on a phone can fold and unfold some topics to make the view clean and neat.



Now you may have some idea of what to use when making a decision tree! If not, try the free trial of these decision tree makers and decide for yourself.

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