Top 10 iPad Note-taking Apps for 2024

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The latest new iPad models released by Apple are equipped with a bigger screen display, which means more space for watching videos or movies. Even better, those who are using it for productivity like note-taking will benefit from this upgrade. In fact, there is a built-in note-taking app for iPad. However, this app is limited to text only. Nowadays, you can easily find note-taking programs with a wide range of functions to meet your needs. Keep reading to learn the best iPad note-taking apps.

Great iPad Note-Taking Apps

Standard Notes

standard note taking tool
  • Cross-platform software
  • Automatic sync with unlimited data capacity
  • Write down notes with total privacy

Standard Notes is an iPad note-taking app that offers great functions and flexibility. This app supports all devices, including Linux. You can also use it to organize your notes by adding tags to each note and group them together. The best part is you can take notes without worrying about security as notes are encrypted and only the user can decrypt them.


ipad note taking app
  • Free web-based note-taking and diagramming tool
  • Unlimited cloud storage
  • Highly customizable

GitMind is not your ordinary note-taking tool. This lets you create notes in the form of a mind map. Also, this is web-based optimized for mobile devices providing cross-platform functionality. Aside from words, you can also add rich content including images, hyperlinks, or comments. Additionally, it has a powerful outline profile which enables users to write down all notes and customize later on. Interestingly, if you have a handwritten notes that you wish to organize digitally, you can use its AI for Mind Maps. This tool can recognize images to generate editable mind map for your lengthy notes. Other functions include the ability to save projects on cloud storage, share and collaborate, and export to image, pdf, txt, or SVG file.

Google Keep

google keep note taking app
  • Easy to operate the app
  • Integrates with Google tools
  • Totally free

This list of best note-taking apps is not complete without Google Keep. Basically, it operates like stickies posted on your digital wall. You can pin notes, make a label, choose a color, and set reminders as well. Moreover, it’s highly compatible with the rest of G-suite products such as Gmail, Google Drive, or Google Calendar. What’s so good about this tool is it supports speech-to-text, which is recommended for users who want to dictate notes instead of typing them out.


simplenote notetaking app
  • Tagging feature to quickly find notes
  • Version history
  • Share notes and work together

Another simple yet best note-taking app you should consider using is Simplenote. As with GitMind, it is completely free and doesn’t require a subscription or purchase. The only limitation is that it can only save typed text so expect to see nothing but text. On the other hand, it lets you quickly search and sort notes using tags and search functions. Furthermore, this app saves each version of your notes and can retrieve an older version. Overall, Simplenote is true to its name given that it encourages you to focus on nothing but notes and helps eliminate distractions.


onenote notetaking app
  • Compatible with all platforms
  • Personalize notes with highlighting and ink annotations
  • Supports web clipper tool

When it comes to personalizing notes, OneNote is the best note-taking app for iPad. This tool provides cross-platform functionality that makes it easier for you to edit and take notes on different devices. Using this app, you can add text anywhere on the screen as if you are working on physical paper. Aside from that, you can annotate your notes using its digital highlighter and with the help of a stylus or just your finger. Also, it comes with a web-clipping tool to capture content in a snap.


ulysses note taking app
  • Good document organization
  • Focus mode
  • Edit blog post from Ulysses to WordPress

Ulysses is a fully-fledged note-taking app for iOS smartphones and Mac. It has a multi-level hierarchical organization that most note-taking apps use to sort notes. Also, notes can be organized by the date modified. When creating a long post or novel, the tool lets you concentrate by entering the Full-Screen focus mode. Not only that, but it also enables you to format everything from meta-data, tags, categories, images, and upload from the app to WordPress.


ipad note taking app
  • Edit files in various formats
  • Supports pressure and palm rejection with Apple Pencil
  • Create sketches and doodles with colored pencils

What makes Notepad+ the best note-taking app for iPad is its full optimization with Apple Pencil and iPad Pro. Also, this offers flexibility to edit and annotate files in various formats like Excel, PDF, Numbers and so much more. Besides that, it offers support for pressure and the palm rejection function which helps you adjust the palm rest to prevent blots or marks when creating sketches or taking notes.


best note taking app for ipad
  • Advanced markdown editor
  • Cross-note links
  • Sync notes across Apple devices using iCloud

Bear gives you a simple and clean writing experience. It uses an advanced markdown editor to format your notes automatically as you type. This best note-taking app for iPad also comes with great linking features that enables you to insert links and link to another note outside of the app. It’s quite helpful for cross-referencing.


  • Use Apple Pencil gestures to take notes
  • Support various conversion format
  • Switch between pen and keyboard

Nebo is another note-taking software that supports the Apple Pencil gestures function. It is the best note-taking app to write math formulas and diagrams using the Apple Pencil. Aside from that, it gives you the capability to convert your notes into Word, PDF, or HTML format so you don’t have to convert using an external app. And what’s makes it one of the best note-taking apps for iPad is because you may use it to switch between your pen and keyboard allowing you to take notes much more quickly.


best note taking app
  • Note-taking templates
  • Collaborative note-taking app
  • Slack integration

The last app on our list is Slite. This note-taking software is best for bringing thoughts and ideas of teams together. This can be used for taking meeting minutes, as well as personal notes. When collaborating, you can set public or private channels. Moreover, this tool allows you to share docs in Slack channels without switching between apps.


More and more users opt to take notes digitally. Regardless of your preferences and needs, all these recommendations can help you boost your productivity. Now you can write wherever and whenever inspiration strikes using these apps.

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