What is a Process Flow Diagram?

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Process Flow Diagrams are visual portrayals of a system, its component operations, and its order. It can really help every organization with the conceptualization and communication of the smart planning stage. Most of the companies use programs that offer great features in creating flowcharts and mind maps, it is a great move to minimize their effort and can work easily. Having said that, we’ve developed several templates for you to try, or you may start from scratch if you want. We also offer the fundamental symbols and elements for drawing this type of diagram.

Process Flow Diagram Introduction

Purpose and Benefits of Process Flow Diagram

  • A Process flow diagram can be used to record a framework for future awareness, control and improvement, and staff development.
  • It helps in identifying unnecessary activities, slowdowns, and other cost overruns. To establish a new procedure or prototype for a simpler system.
  • To work collaboratively using diagrams that represent different duties within outside of the entire organisation.
  • It Provides consistent processes to achieve highest productivity and high reliability.
  • It has an ability to investigate a process flow chart in order to improve its efficiency.

Process Flow Diagram Symbols and Elements

flow diagram

The Oval – The oval, also known as the terminator, is being used to symbolize the beginning and end of a procedure. Keep in mind to use the same symbol mental to indicate that the flow diagram is finished.

The Rectangle – Once you’ve begun flowcharting, the rectangle symbolizes any phase in the development you’re diagramming the process flow chart. This symbol can be used to represent various stages such as simple functions or activities in one’s system.

The Arrow – The viewers are guided through the process by the arrow. Even though there are many various sorts of arrow points to pick from, we suggest using only one or two throughout your chart. This not only maintains your chart clear but also helps you to highlight specific steps in your process flow diagram.

The Diamond – The diamond represents the need to make a decision in order to go forward. It could be a simple yes-or-no option or a more involved option with several options. Ensure you’ve included every potential option in your chart.

3 Process Flow Diagram Templates

GitMind is a tool for processing flow diagrams. This sort of chart is used to manage task systems and may assist any organization in diagramming various procedures, assets, schedules, and tasks necessary to complete a given job. Having said that, we’ve listed three common process flow chart templates you can utilize.

Hiring Process Flow Diagram

Hiring Diagram
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A hiring process flow diagram is a graphic representation of the recruitment processes as well as how they relate to one another. A diagram is a great method to explain the recruiting guidelines to both hiring staff and applicants in a clear and interesting way.

Communication Process Flow Diagram

Communication Chart
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Communication process flow diagrams are used to map out a system so that it can be readily explained to others. Diagrams may also be used to describe and assess a process, creating a step-by-step representation to standardizing or improving communications.

Online Ordering Process Flow Diagram

Online Diagram
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An online ordering system is a process that allows businesses to take orders and accept transactions from a distance or online. flow diagram has the ability to ease the ordering process while also improving order management.

How to Make Process Flow Diagram Online?

process flow chart

GitMind can be used to create professional-looking flowcharts and mindmaps. It is a cross-platform web-based Flowchart creator that works well on various operating systems available. This tool has an easy-to-use interface that allows you to create process flow diagrams using the drag-and-drop functionality. On that note, listed below are a few simple steps regarding how to create interesting flowcharts.

  • Click the “New Flowchart” icon under the “Flowchart” tab.
Create Button
  • Drag-and-Drop your preferred symbols that suit your need, and modify your chart.
Adding more shapes
  • Once modifying, you can save your project by simply hitting the save button and choose your preferred output format under the “Export” button.
Saving outputs


Indeed, a process flow diagram may assist an organization in interacting with everyone. It may also be used to describe and analyze a process, creating a step-by-step diagram of it before standardizing or improving any decisions. 

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