5 Excellent RACI Chart Example to Increase Efficiency

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A responsibility assignment matrix or RACI Chart template illustrates the various roles involved in completing a project. The term RACI is an acronym for Responsible, Accountable, Consulted, and Informed. Each role refers to different stakeholders responsible for a specific task. This type of chart is often used because it provides a clear picture of the things that need to be done within a certain amount of time. Although a great tool to utilize, RACI chart is kind of hard to make as a beginner. That is why there are templates that you can download instead to save time. On that note, we have 5 RACI Chart templates below that you can use for free.

5 Editable RACI Chart Templates and Examples

Construction RACI Chart

construction raci chart template
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This RACI Chart template shows the stakeholders of a construction project. All responsible individuals are added, as well as the responsibilities involved in the process. This template is recommended for those in the same field because it’s already filled-out with the necessary information. Some of the proponents included in this template are the Project Manager, Consultant and Architect. However, to better cater to your needs, you can edit the information here as well. You can even share this chart to your colleagues and have them edit it simultaneously.

IT RACI Chart Template

it raci matrix template
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The IT industry has a lot of practical applications in various fields. Among these are the software and applications developed in this field for different purposes. To sight an example, a security system requires meticulous development. In a company set-up, having the right amount of security access makes all the difference. Reason being is that it eliminates the threat of unauthorized access of sensitive documents. That is why it is important to ramp-up your security protocols. The RACI matrix template above shows the process and personnel involved in granting access to an individual. All responsible parties are clearly identified with the role they take part in.

Maintenance Planning RACI Matrix Template

maintenance planning
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Maintenance Planning requires attention as there are many things that needs to be covered. It has a lot of phases from preparation to procurement of materials, all will have to go through the proper department. As shown in the RACI chart example above, each individual involve are listed and accounted for. Each are tagged with their respective roles in the process to know who to consult in-case of a miscommunication. If you want to use this template, then click the button above. You have the option to use it as it is, or edit the contents to personalize it.

Six Sigma RACI Matrix Example

six sigma raci chart examples
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Six Sigma projects are processes where an organization or company minimizes substandard output and enhance its quality. On that note, you can also apply a RACI matrix template when doing the Six Sigma projects. This will ensure that all necessary process will be followed and fulfilled by the respective stakeholder. As seen above, the appropriate stakeholders are mentioned with their respective responsibilities. The template itself is pretty easy to understand which makes it suitable for the entire team to read. The template is available for editing, and can be sent to other members via URL.

Web Developer RACI Chart Template

developer raci chart
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Last template that we have is about Web developing. This has all the essential elements and proponents involved in a project. Developers can use this template to distribute tasks and responsibilities to their colleagues. The RACI chart template itself is usable already, but you can add more proponents if you want. Simply click the button above to open the editing panel. You can then download the chart on your PC.


RACI Charts all serve a single purpose and that is to improve the quality of a business project. Many organizations utilize it to boost their own performance. With that being said, there are many templates across the internet that are available to use anytime. Some of these RACI matrix examples are featured above for more convenience since it will save you time searching.

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