Roadmap’s Uses and Typical Roadmap Templates

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A roadmap often serves as a visual guide to doing something. A businessman needs a strategic roadmap for planning a business; a project manager makes a product roadmap to overview the elements of a project; new students follow the new student roadmap to start a new student career. So roadmaps are widely used in various cases. By which tool can we make a roadmap and how can we make a certain roadmap template? Let’s try to answer these questions.

Materials Need to Make A Roadmap

GitMind login page

A Roadmap Maker

GitMind, a free online mind mapping application, can be used to create a digital roadmap. GitMind enables you to accomplish the creative process in just a few minutes. This software provides multiple model layouts to cut back on your design time. And you also have the ability to customize the font, border, line, and color. As well as using roadmaps personally, you may also need to collaborate with others. GitMind allows you to make roadmaps as a team and publish your roadmaps both online and on your local drive.

Relevant Research on the Field

Basic knowledge about the topic is essential to make a roadmap. For business and product roadmaps, one should be familiar with running a company or product. If you are a roadmap beginner, you will need a roadmap template for your reference.

Free Roadmap Templates for All Purposes

Strategic Roadmap Template

Strategic roadmap

The strategic roadmap is used to confirm the strategy and mission of a company, outlining the key steps needed to bring these to fruition. All staff have access to the roadmap and carry out projects to promote the whole company’s development according to the central strategy. However, not all staff have the opportunity to map out the strategic roadmap template. This unique Roadmap was developed and promoted by senior officials, or managers. It’s about the organization’s long-term mission. The vision and mission of the company are often ambitious targets that can be broken down into smaller, bite-sized projects to be completed over several years. Hence, it usually follows a time sequence. Once the company has a strategic roadmap, managers can organize and hold quarterly and yearly summary meetings to review and make improvements.

Product Roadmap Template

Product roadmap

A product roadmap illustrates how a product will evolve over time. This covers future features and the technological requirements of the product. Product managers apply product roadmaps to help various departments collaborate on one mission. It guides the sales team to emphasize which feature to consumers. And the marketing team makes campaign plans that align with function releases. All of the other behaviors are accomplished according to the basis of a product roadmap. Unlike a strategic roadmap, the product roadmap demonstrates the short-term development of a product. It’s up to you whether to set a deadline for special events or to be more flexible.

New Student Roadmap Template

New student roadmap template

It’s not easy for a freshman to prepare for the first semester of university. Fortunately, most universities send a new student roadmap to all enrolled students. There are several common steps for all new students, for example, confirming the acceptance, setting up a school email account, applying for housing, submitting online health forms, health history, etc. If any of the steps is skipped, students are not allowed to register for classes. In case your university doesn’t have a new student roadmap, you’d better make one for yourself according to the information released on the school website.


A roadmap is a guideline or plan that we may need in both work and daily life. Did the above roadmap templates help you? If you have some suggestions about making roadmaps, leave them in the comment section below.

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