Top 8 Signal Alternatives for Secure Messaging in 2021

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Signal Messenger is one of the hottest messaging applications these days. Enhanced privacy and security are some of the things that Signal is proud of, and part of the reasons why it’s so popular these days. Add that to the fact that it’s free, there’s no wonder why many users prefer it over other applications with the same function. However, the fact that this app is still new stays the same and it will still undergo many changes and improvements. That is why we listed down some Signal alternatives that you can use in case you get tired of the said app.

8 Best Signal Alternatives

WhatsApp (Windows, MacOS, Android and iOS)

  • Create group chat rooms for you and your friends for free
  • Make international calls anytime
  • Available on PC and mobile for more convenience
whatsapp signal alternatives

WhatsApp is an American text messaging and VoIP application available on multiple platforms. Sending texts messages and making voice calls is general free on WhatsApp, if connected to the internet. In-terms of security, the application is on par, if not greater than Signal since it has been around since 2009. In 2014, social media giant Facebook acquired WhatsApp and has continued to improve the service since then. As of writing, this Signal messenger alternative has an estimated 2 billion WhatsApp users across the globe, mainly from South America and other parts of Europe and Asia.

Telegram (Windows, MacOS, Linux, Android and iOS)

  • Secured “Secret chat” feature
  • Group video call
  • Enhanced user identification process via documents and SSN
telegram signal messenger alternative

Telegram is one of the most secured messaging application that users prefer. The app provides end-to-end voice calls over internet and instant messaging functions. Aside from the that, you can opt to its encrypted end-to-end group messaging feature. Besides enhanced security features, sharing files is also easy using this app. It allows users to share media and other forms of document with a limit of 2GB/file. This makes sharing full videos of family and events possible, and it’s free. This Signal app alternative also has a secured “Secret chat” feature that you can use if you want.

WeChat (Windows, MacOS, Android and iOS)

  • Make payments via WeChat
  • Mini programs inside the app itself
  • Play games on WeChat
wechat signal app alternative

Next on the list is WeChat. This application provides various functions like messaging, social media and even mobile payments. WeChat is currently one of the most popular mobile applications in China and other parts of Asia. Initially launched as a messaging app, it later on included online payments as part of its service lineup. Overall, in-terms of security and functionality among Signal alternatives, WeChat is one of the front-runners.

Skype (Windows, MacOS, Xbox, PlayStation, Android and iOS)

  • Clear audio and video call
  • Allows users to add subtitles to recorded conversation
  • End-to-end encryption for private messages
skype download

Another reliable messaging and VoIP application is Skype. Owned by tech-giant Microsoft, it is considered one of the founders of modern electronic communications. Released back in 2003, and continued to grow into what is known today as one of the best messaging applications. As a Signal messenger alternative, you will find Skype more than enough. There are features that you won’t find elsewhere like the “Information cards,” and photo sharing via call features.

Snapchat (Windows, MacOS, Android and iOS)

  • Lots of filters that you can apply during video calls
  • Snap streak feature provides a good platform for companionship
  • Geo-filters are available for users that have visited specific places

If you live in the United States, then you have probably heard of Snapchat. It is one of the most downloaded and application in the U.S because its cute features. Snapchat is a great way to communicate since it provides crystal clear audio and video calls. Chat is also available here, hence the name. However, the main selling point of Snapchat which makes it a great Signal app alternative are the so-called “Snaps.” These are images and short videos that you can capture and send to your friends instantly. Once viewed, these snaps will be automatically deleted and your friend can reply with a snap back.

Viber (Windows, MacOS, Linux, Android and iOS)

  • Provides a platforms for various communities and their members
  • You can add a self-destruct timer to your messages for auto-deletion
  • It allows you to make your own stickers and GIF files
viber messenger

Started out as a pure VoIP app back in 2011, Viber has steadily gained users and success which led to its further development up to this day. On the other hand, if the other Signal alternatives on this list are free, that is not the case for Viber. There is a credit system used by the app which lets you do more like calling international phone lines and more.

Discord (Web, Windows, MacOS, Linux, Android and iOS)

  • Video and audio conference feature for groups of people
  • Screen sharing via video conference
  • Messages deleted by users are permanently erased in the system for security
discord app

If you are an online gamer or you are into Esports, then you have probably heard of Discord. This instant messaging app provides various features suited while gaming, which is why it is the preferred app among users. It provides a safe and secured messaging platform, and even allows video and call conference. Unlike other Signal messenger alternative on the list though, Discord provide most of their premium features for free.

Facebook Messenger (Windows, MacOS Android and iOS)

  • Instantly share photos and videos
  • Send voice messages for free
  • Doesn’t require any credits to use it’s premium features
messenger app

Last tool that we have is Facebook Messenger. This is the official instant messaging application of social media giant Facebook. Known to many, is one of the top messaging app around the world, Messenger has always been one of the go-to apps of smartphone users. As a Signal app alternative, we can say that Facebook Messenger provides more than simple messaging. The reason is that it has been updating since release, and continued to improve until this day.


There is no doubt that Signal messenger is continuing its rise in the instant messaging industry. However, it still has a long way to go since it’s relatively new and just released recently. That is why we made the list above, to give you worthy Signal alternatives that you can use while waiting for the said app to receive stable updates. This way, you will not have to worry about losing communication to your friends and families because of errors in the said app.

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