Top 10 Free Online Sitemap Generators in 2020

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A visual sitemap refers to the list of pages that should be included in a website. It helps the webmaster to understand and sort the content on the website. This also helps you eliminate unnecessary pages to create according to the purpose of the website and provide a great user experience. Thus, a visual sitemap generator is a vital tool in order to build a successful website. Here we will provide the top free visual sitemap generators.

Best Free Visual Sitemap Generators


free sitemap generator

The first tool on the list is GitMind. This lets you draw any diagram including a sitemap. As a web-based program tool, you can access this tool through your browser and generate sitemaps anytime for free. In addition, you can choose from various themes for styles. Modify the line, shape, background, or add icons and attachments. Aside from that, GitMind gives you the freedom to collaborate with teams and let them add comments for suggestions. To use this free sitemap generator, see the guide that follows.

  • Open the GitMind website and then go to the “Templates” section. Look for a sitemap template and then click the “Use Templates” button to start editing.
  • Now, double click the nodes to edit the branches. You can also pick your preferred structure and style by choosing a theme for your sitemap. While editing, you can click the user icon at the top menu to collaborate with colleagues.
  • When you’re done, export the sitemap to an image, pdf, txt, or SVG file. Or, share it with others via a link.


miro sitemap generator

Clearly analyze and understand your web structure using an online sitemap generator called Miro. One way of creating a sitemap using this tool is by exploring its templates. When customizing, you can always modify the content from its floating toolbar. Moreover, it features an infinite canvas that allows you to work on different sitemaps or build a website that contains many pages.


creately visual sitemap

The next tool to visualize your sitemap is Creately. This diagramming tool allows users to draw flowchart, mindmap, and sitemap diagrams. What’s so special about this sitemap generator is that it lets you build any type of diagram using its one-click create feature. With it, you can duplicate the previous shape and adds a connector or insert different shapes from its drop-down. This lets you save time and makes the process of making much easier.


milanote visual sitemap

Creative projects need a creative tool for designing. This is what Milanote is developed for. This enables you to create a sitemap by adding images that are pre-search from Google or upload your own images. You can also add lines, arrows, to connects boxes with one another. Moreover, its interactive interface allows you to move around the objects and arrange them based on your preferences. This visual map generator is also web-based so there’s no need to install any software.


gloomaps visual sitemap

Another program for designing your website structure is GlooMaps. The program supports keyboard shortcuts to which speeds up the process of building sitemaps. In addition, the tool offers a straightforward interface and it only comes with minimal style options. Hence, very simple to produce sitemaps for your website. Another notable feature is it allows you to apply a uniform size for all the width of the boxes. This is suitable for users who want a simple yet comprehensive visual sitemap design.


moqups visual sitemap

Moqup is a great visual sitemap generator available online. Since this is a web-based app, you can access the tool on your browser supporting both Mac and Windows PC. From its editing interface, you will immediately see its design tools for functionality and flexibility. Moreover, the tool grants you access to its built-in library that contains sets of icons to create a sitemap, workflow, and storyboard diagrams.


flowmapp visual sitemap

Another planning tool for effectively creating and visualizing sitemaps is Flowmapp. Flowmapp lets you create a sitemap step-by-step from the homepage to footer pages. You can also add as many pages depending on your needs and insert labels to each page according to their completion status. While creating, you can actually bring your teams on board to collaborate, plan, and organize everything using this free sitemap generator.

Dyno Mapper

dyno mapper visual  sitemap

Dyno Mapper is an interactive sitemap service that makes it easy for you to plan your website’s architecture. It creates a hierarchy of your website gives you the ability to easily access your inventory data. You can also create a sitemap in different ways with this tool including creating from URL, from XML, existing, scratch, and merge. Moreover, it integrates comment capability for efficient collaboration. On top of that, there are different sitemap styles that are fully customizable.


visual sitemap writemaps

Another visual sitemap builder that can help you analyze the structure of your website is Writemaps. This sitemap generator allows users to make sitemaps manually by using its sitemap builder suitable for small projects. You can add new, rename, rearrange, and change the color of the pages. Besides, you can enrich the content by adding images, format the page content, and update page status.


slickplan visual sitemap

Creating a sitemap is fast and easy with the help of Slickplan. The program has a drag and drop interface for you to effortlessly create a sitemap. Just like other tools, this app lets you make a sitemap from an existing website through its Site Crawler feature. When you are done, the sitemap can be shared with others via HTML link or share as a PDF file.


Planning your visual sitemap is a crucial step for creating a successful website structure. Most of these are online sitemap generators which means you can access and build a sitemap using just your browser. Also, it does not matter whether you are a beginner or an advanced user as these programs feature easy ways to create a sitemap.

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