Six Thinking Hats: Definition and Benefits with Examples

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The Six Thinking Hats framework is a widely-used method in the planning stage of a project. This is because the method has produced positive results which is why it is still being used to this day. The framework uses six hats to represent different parts of a plan, hence the name. This method prioritizes focused discussions among members of each hats which is then combined with the ideas from the other hat teams to produce a concrete plan. Aside from the mentioned, there are still other things that you need to know about this amazing method, and they are below.

Six Thinking Hats Tutorial

Six Thinking Hats Definition

As mentioned above, the 6 Thinking Hats method is a catalyst that helps during the brainstorming stage. Members of the team are distributed into 6 sub-teams that represents each hats. Each sub-teams then focuses their discussion based on the hat that they represent. Each hat has their own respective roles, and are as follows:

  • White Hat – Also known as the objective hat. Discussions focuses on facts and logical thinking.
  • Red Hat – Also called the Intuitive Hat. The team under it are responsible for the emotional and instinctive side of the project.
  • Black Hat – Known as the Cautious Hat. This is one of the most important part in the Six Thinking Hats technique which tackles the possible negative results of the project.
  • Yellow Hat – Also known as the Optimistic Hat. This is the exact opposite of the Black Hat which aims to predict the positive results of the project.
  • Green Hat – Also known as the Creative Hat. This is where the ideas and criticisms are formed.
  • Blue Hat – Known as the Control Hat. Oversees the management and organizational aspect of the entire project.

Benefits of Using Six Thinking Hats

The Six Thinking Hats framework has been around for a long time now. This is a testament to its efficacy since it is still being applied until today. Aside from the mentioned benefits, there are still other positive effects in using this framework. Listed below are some of the positive effects of using this method.

  • Since it is more of a focused group discussion, those who shy away from sharing their ideas will be given enough attention. It means that they can freely express their ideas without the fear of prejudice.
  • Group discussions using the 6 thinking hats provide many benefits like having multiple views on a certain topic. You can then formulate a better idea by combining all ideas.
  • Learn to think outside the box by listening to various ideas and opinions.
  • Focus more on topics that you are really interested in, and fits your skillset.
  • Get closer to your team members by sharing ideas and communicating clearly.

Six Thinking Hats Templates by GitMind

As mentioned above, we will provide some Six Thinking Hats technique templates that you can download for free. Below are some of these templates, which are all downloadable and editable at the same time.

  • Blank Thinking Hats Template
blank six thinking hats template
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The first template that we have is a blank one, which is perfect for a quick pick-me-up meeting tool. You can use this chart to assign your members for each sub-teams. Since the template is blank, you can simply fill it with the information that you need.

  • Six Thinking Hat Mindmap
six thinking hats mindmap
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The template above is in the form of a mind map. For those who don’t have an idea about what a mind map is, it is a tool that provides information sharing among colleagues. In general, it is highly similar to the concept behind the Six Thinking Hats making it a perfect example.

  • Six Thinking Hats Board
six thinking hats board
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Last template that we have is in the form of a board. This is a convenient way to take notes while having a focused group discussion. This is because you can add information in the form of notes that can be easily sorted. Aside from that, every information are visible to other teams for reference.


The 6 Thinking Hats method is without a doubt helpful for organizations and things alike. Add to the fact that you can find many templates on the internet, then you have yourself a great and easy to find chart. On that note, we hope that this article was helpful and was able to provide you with information about the said method.

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