The Old Man and the Sea Plot Summary & Character Analysis Mind Map

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The Old Man and the Sea is a story about an old fisherman named Santiago who has gone 84 days without catching a fish. He worked with his apprentice Manolin in the first forty days. But the family of Manolin forced him to leave Santiago and look for a boat with a fruitful catch. Even so, he continued to support the old man. If you managed to read the entire book you surely have lots of life lesson takeaways. But if you want to study The Old and the Sear deeply and analyze it, we have prepared a study guide from the character list, plot summary to tackling the important aspects of the book.

The Old Man and the Sea Book Review

Character List Mind Map

The Old Man and the Sea is filled with simple fishermen characters. This includes Santiago who is an old man with an unlucky streak for his fruitless sailing. Another interesting character is the apprentice and partner of the old man named Manolin. Other characters include the marlin, Perico, and Martin who also serve a significant role contributing to the main character. So to have an in-depth analysis of these characters, you can refer to The Old Man and the Sea character map below.

the old man and the sea character map
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Plot Summary Mindmap of Chapters

The book consists of five chapters namely day one, day two, day three, day four, and day five. Each chapter comes with a different plot and themes as you read through the passage. For you to fully understand the book, you may refer to The Old Man and the Sea summary mind map below.

the old man and the sea summary
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In-depth Book Analysis

The Old Man and the Sea is a simple story written by Ernest Hemingway with so many values and life lessons. Hemingway was known to make stories focusing on the ideas of a man honing his skills, maximizing his full potential by testing his limits as reflected in the story. From the passage, we can tell that the tone of The Old Man and the Sea is courageous as demonstrated by the old man. There are also themes about friendship, man and nature, resistance to defeat, Christian allegory, and many more. As for the style, the story uses simple words and does not beat around the bush. The book used the approach of a third-person omniscient point of view in which the author is all-knowing and all-seeing of all the characters in the story. This classic book is worth a read especially if you are trying to find courage and inspiration to go on despite the difficult testings.

the old man and the sea book analysis
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Book Summary with Mind Map

Mind map is a great tool you can use to summarize and analyze a book. Since it lets you add images with words and will help you easily remember the important parts of the story. Moreover, it does not follow any rule that will limit you from expressing your ideas on the story. You can structure your summary however you want or in such a way that you understand it. That means you can create a mind map of The Old Man and the Sea summary. To show you how it’s done, refer to the steps that follow.

  • Access GitMind in Chrome browser and register an account.
  • Start with a new canvas by clicking the “New Mindmap” or choose a template with the best structure for your book. Put the title of the book in the center branch and add branches covering different aspects of books like themes, chapters, and etc.
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  • Once all details are set, customize the appearance of the mind map from the “Style” options or put attachments like links, comments, or notes. Finally, export the map according to your desired format. Simply click the “Export” and choose a file format.
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Throughout the story, there are so many life lessons that The Old Man and the Sea can impart to its readers. Even Hemingway considers it as his best work and so it’s worth studying and analyzing it deeply. The best way to do this is by using a mind map to summarize it and help others to have an overview of the book.

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