Introduction of Transactional Model of Communication and Examples

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If you are a professional or work for a firm, you should be aware that your regular operations have illustrations of the transactional model of communication. This is a continual process in which the sender and receiver exchange positions and both are equally significant. It can also come from a similar context, know each other, and share the very same social structure, the process becomes more efficient and successful. Each person reacts differently based on their history, education, opinions, traditional views, and personality as well as sending along with continual input from both sides. Having said that, you can continue reading below to fully understand this great communication technique.

Introduction of Transactional Model of Communication

What is Transactional Model of Communication?

The process of one person delivering a message and another receiving and interpreting it is known as communication. Every communication model has a role in determining whether or not the recipient understands what you’re trying to say. As a result, communicators have the liability for communications. It also offers important insights for developing a standard information exchange and guaranteeing successful communication in a commercial organization. They are studied from an organizational standpoint. Each company creates its very own connectivity, sometimes based on common communication standards.

4 Types of Communication Models

Four Communication Model


Based on the communication process model, the use of language to transmit information through speech or sign language is known as verbal communication. verbal communication is vital. Supporting verbal communication with nonverbal and written communication may be beneficial.


The use of body language, gestures, and facial expressions to transmit information to another is known as nonverbal communication. It may be employed both consciously and unconsciously. Nonverbal communication under the transactional model of communication is helpful when trying to understand someone else’s thoughts and feelings.


The act of writing, printing letters, and other symbols is an act of written communication. It is very beneficial especially when recording information for reference. It is commonly used to transmit data and information through emails, letters, books, blogs, and many more.


Visual communications are usually utilized during presentations to offer a certain topic together with written and verbal communication. Since people have their own different learning styles that is why the visual communication model may be more attractive to help other people to create great ideas and share more information.

Transactional Model Example by GitMind

If you’re seeking an excellent free application or aren’t sure what tool you’ll use to create a model like this, here is the place to go. It’s possible that GtiMind is the tool you’re looking for. This tool will allow you to easily create a transactional model of communication as well as create flowcharts, diagrams, charts, graphs, etc. You can start from scratch or if you want you can also choose from templates available on its official website free of charge. On that note, you can try out the sample template provided in this post by simply clicking the “Use this Template” button below.

Transactional Model by GitMind
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Importance of Communication Model

To communicate successfully, you must first understand the communication paradigm. The communication model has evolved through time to make the process more understandable. It is critical to first comprehend all of the components and aspects of the communication model. This will orient many portions of the organization and other areas that are very helpful to the readers. The thing will deliver a simple grasp of the process as well as show information flow to every organization. And if that communication process is to be appropriately picked in order to comprehend and convey the most precise, effective, and productive methods of processing, various communications must be used whenever a different situation arises.


Finally, the explanation above demonstrates how important the transactional model of communication is. it is critical to understand the model of communication, by studying the communication model, we may predict communication’s prospective efficacy. Furthermore, in order to secure all of your data, you must utilize a dependable tool while creating this type of model.


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