10 Best Free Trello Alternatives for Project Management

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Trello is a Kanban-style project management application that is accessible online. It is used by companies and teams to manage their working schedule and distribute tasks efficiently. Trello is one of the easiest tools that you can use making it popular amongst users. However, each user is different and user-experience is subjective. That is why we reviewed some Trello alternatives that you can check out.

Best 10 Trello Free Alternatives

GitMind (Web)

  • Send maps and flowchart via URL
  • Real-time collaboration feature
  • No software download required
alternative to trello

First on the list is GitMind. This is an online mind map and flowchart maker that you can access via web-browser. The tool is equipped with hundreds of templates, that you can use instantly. Aside from that, you have the option to create your own template. This app also fits the description when it comes to Trello alternatives since you can make Gantt and project management timelines here. Online collaboration is also one of the key features that it has.

Clickup (Web)

  • Real-time collaborative task monitoring, editing and editing.
  • Comments viewed in threads
  • Project completion update in percentage
alternative to trello free

Clickup is an online project management application highly-similar to how Trello works. It includes various features such as task designation, comment, and online collaboration. This feature is a great one, since it allows you to work simultaneously with your team remotely. Teams can also assign specific tasks to members, and track their progress. As an alternative to Trello, we can say that Clickup is a decent and good one.

Taiga (Web, Android and iOS)

  • Equipped with a Wiki feature which provides a safe storage for your project information.
  • Supports files made from other platforms like Trello and GitHub.
  • Supports live feedbacks among team members.
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Taiga is another web-based application that you can use in place of Trello. This project management platform was made to support agile teams in pursuing their projects on time. This app is open-source which generally means that it’s free. Aside from the usual Gantt charts, Taiga supports Kanban and Scrum workflows. The app also supports adding various features to your chart like wikis, API’s and time trackers. Overall, Taiga deserves it’s spot in this list of Trello alternatives.

Wrike (Web, Android and iOS)

  • Intelligent project reminder
  • Provides different types of accounts depending on the field of business
  • Supports OCR on it’s mobile versions
wrike software

Next tool that we will focus on is Wrike. This online application provides high-quality project and work management support to its users with it’s responsive customer service. The tool has many type of accounts or plans that caters to various businesses and their needs. The app continued to make improvements, and recently got equipped with an intelligent update, that reminds you of projects on the verge of being delayed. This smart feature reduces the risks of projects falling out, and not meeting their deadlines. If you already used it once, you will see why it is a great alternative to Trello.

Teamwork (Web)

  • Provides 100MB storage for free to its users
  • Customizable invoices via HTML
  • One-stop-shop feature for all things related to project management
teamwork management

Teamwork is a slightly-advanced project management application compared to the other ones on the list. The reason is because it has a dedicated chat features for teammates to discuss their individual tasks. Aside from that, this tool integrates well with cloud storage services like Google Drive and Dropbox. You can also export your timelines and charts in Excel and PDF formats here. In general, Teamwork is a great alternative to Trello not only because it’s another cloud-based tool, but because of the chart feature.

Workzone (Web)

  • Provides workload reports by end of day
  • Has different project templates to use
  • Sends notifications to members via Email
workzone app

Workzone is a tried and tested project management application that has been around since the early 2000s. Workzone is a great app to organize your task into main and subtasks. It also has a feature that notifies team members about delayed tasks. Among other Trello alternatives, we can say that Workzone is the most senior.

Monday.com (Web, Android and iOS)

  • Comment box for team communication
  • Team collaboration feature
  • Scheduled tasks and subtasks
monday board

Speaking from experience, Monday.com is the closest thing to Trello. The application is accessible via web-browser, and is also available on mobile via Google Play and Apple App Store. The great thing about Monday.com is its UI, which poses no issue for new users since it’s easy to navigate and use. Task designation is also a breeze because you can make individual cells for specific members of the team. On the other hand, you can’t call this a Trello alternative free tool, since you will need to subscribe to a plan.

Active Collab (Web)

  • Track time and expenses in your project
  • Integrates well with email apps
  • Provides a safe file manager to users
active collab app

Another tool that you can use instead of Trello is Active Collab. It’s a decent application that lets you collaborate with team members online. Aside from the usual collaboration feature, it also has a time tracker which is crucial in project management. Aside from that, it has a profitability prediction feature that gives an idea if the project will succeed. As one of the Trello alternatives on the list, Active Collab will surely be a dependable application for your team.

Basecamp (Web)

  • Leave comments on each tasks directly
  • Add images and videos to your messages on the message board
  • Integrates with Google Docs
basecamp app

Basecamp is considered one of the founders in the project management field. It inroduced the concept of collaboration space in 2004. It has a message board that you can use to communicate with your team. Aside from that, it has a to-do list to track your tasks and avoid delays. Above all, Basecamp is a great alternative to Trello because of its remote project management implementations.

Mavenlink (Web)

  • Protect project plans with SSL
  • Costing estimation
  • Easy file sharing
mavenlink app

Lastly we have Mavenlink. The tool is know for its project management automation features such as resource planning, and team collaboration. Aside from that, you can use this Trello alternative free software to integrate tasks and resources. Aside from the usual integration, it can also be used with Google apps and others. Mavenlink also has an analytics feature that can identify problems within the schedule.


Project management is a proven way to boost efficiency. One way to do it, is by using Trello. However, There are many Trello alternatives that you can use in its place. The ones that we featured above are all worthy tools. The only difference is that not all of them are absolutely free to use like GitMind. That is why in choosing the right tool, one must identify which features they need.

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  • I read your article on Trello alternatives and found it very informative. As someone who has used Trello in the past, I was interested in learning about other project management tools
  • I think the best Trello alternative is Restyaboard. It is an amazing software open source version with more features. When collaborating with a team, there is no better tool than Restya!