How to Create a Workflow Process Mapping, Step by Step Tutorial

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The workflow process mapping is a way to create a diagram of a certain process showing the exact flow of actions and steps. This method is significant since it provides a visual representation of an entire process, and it helps it breaking down complex processes into simpler and easy-to-understand diagrams.

In making a workflow process mapping, you’ll need a program that will help you create a workflow mapping properly without any hassle. And to avoid any interruptions, check out these tools below and start making your workflow mapping.

3 Methods on Making Workflow Process Mapping

Create Workflow Process in Word

We all know how popular the Word app is and its capabilities since most of us surely tried this tool for personal or business reasons. But are you aware that aside from word processing, this program can also help you make a workflow map without any additional program required? Yes, that’s possible through the tool’s “SmartArt” function as well as insert “Shapes”.

This would offer convenience to all Microsoft Word users since they can easily transfer the data that they have into the workflow template that they are working on. While if you would like to create your workflow template in word, then kindly check the guided steps.

  • Launch your Word app and open a blank page. And then go to “Insert” and click “SmartArt”. Select a template and open it. You can add text by double-clicking inside the object that you selected.
word doc 1
  • To add other shapes, click “Shapes” and choose the shape that you prefer, and adjust it as you prefer. To add text, click “Draw Text Box” drag your cursor to the place you want, and start typing.
word doc 2
  • To save the changes made, click “File” >”Save”.

Create Workflow Process in Visio

Another tool that can be utilized in making a workflow process template is Visio. Some of you may not be familiar with this program since this tool focuses on making diagrams and vector graphics. Yet, this tool is included in the Microsoft Office line. Unlike the Word app, this program offers more templates that are divided into the flowchart, basic diagram, process steps, block diagram, and business matrix templates.

So this comes in handy if you’re working on more complex workflow maps and other diagram-related tasks. To try and create your workflow map, you can refer to the following steps.

  • Open your Visio app and click “Flowchart Template”. When the editor is launch, start choosing the shape that you’ll use from the shape library and drag them into the editing area.
  • Arrange the objects that you selected according to your will, and you can adjust the size and fill color as well. To insert a text into your template, just click the “Text Box” located at the upper portion of the editor and type the text as you prefer.
  • To save the file just hit “File” and then “Save as”

Create Workflow Process in GitMind

GitMind is the tool that you’re looking for if you prefer to create a workflow process mapping without installing anything or make a workflow map that you can access and share with your colleagues easily. This is a free online mind mapping application that is capable of creating any type of diagrams and flowchart. It also has a massive collection of pre-made templates that can be used upon using the program. In case, you need to create a workflow map from the scratch, this tool also has a built-in editor for you to use.

This is a decent application to use especially if you’re collaborating with the other members of your team. Just click share, copy the link, send it to your colleague and you can directly collaborate. To make your workflow map more secure, simply add a password under the sharing panel.

In making a workflow process template via this app, then here’s what you need to do.

  • Go to GitMind’s official page and then click “Get Started” to open the program. Now you can choose from the list of templates if you wish, or click “New Flowchart” to create one from the scratch.
gitmind new flowchart
  • Next, is to select the object that you’re going to use from the object panel and click it. When the object is placed under the editor, you can arrange the object’s size and color through the menu provided on the right portion of the screen.
gitmind editing
  • To add text, just double-click the object and key in the text that you need. There’s also an option to change the font size and color from the editing menu on the right side. To download a copy of your file click “Export” and save it. While to share it and do a collaboration, simply click “Share”.
gitmind add text


Making a workflow process mapping is not that hard to do as it may seem. Thanks to the program that we discussed above, anyone can now accomplish their workflow map easily. Word and Visio app are indeed decent programs, while to have more options in making diagram-related tasks, then GitMind has the edge over the two.

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