8 Free Collaborative Mind Map Tools

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Visualizing your diagram is not that easy, especially without a tool to help you to design your illustration. Luckily, there are many online collaborative mind map tools to assist you not just in terms of visualization, but to create your diagrams easier and faster with the help of your colleagues or teammates. In this article, we provided you with 8 of the free best mind map tools to help you make a visual representation of your diagram.

Top 8 Collaborative Mind Map Tools


GitMind collaboration

First on our list is a free collaborative mind map software called GitMind. It offers multiple design styles to help you customize your diagram and to arrange your nodes easily and efficiently. With this, you can create a unique and well-presented mind map that you may share and may serve as a brainstorming tool to collaborate with your colleagues in real-time. This will help you and your team to work more quickly and hassle-free even when you’re miles apart. This can also save your time and energy as you use this free collaborative mind map tool by following the procedures we provided here for you.


Coggle collaboration

Next, we also have another real-time brainstorming collaborative tool named Coggle. Aside from its unlimited diagram templates, you can also collaborate in real-time with your teammates by just clicking the “+” sign icon. This will help you integrate you and your teammates’ ideas together quickly and more easily. It allows multiple users to work on the same diagram simultaneously and can redo saved changes by just making a copy from time to time.


free collaborative mind map tool

We also included another collaborative mind map tool MindMup, where you can cooperate with your other colleagues and 10 members of your team, can view and edit your diagram. This feature is available with the Team Account, which costs $50 USD/year. Once registered, the tool will send an invitation e-mail for them to be listed under a Subaccount on your page.


work through comments

Another tool for you is Zenkit. This tool lets you collaborate, brainstorm, and complete tasks with your team in real-time to create new ideas effectively. Its collaboration feature allows you to work with your team through comments so that all of your teammates are connected. Also, this feature allows the users to view and create tasks such as scheduling a meeting, as well as tracking the progress of a project. Moreover, this collaborative solution can be applied to various industries like project management, support, recruitment, and a lot more.


discuss and organize ideas

Next is a great tool for business and enterprising minds to make your meetings and brainstorming better. This tool is called Stormboard. With this collaborative mind map tool, you may discuss and organize your ideas in real-time and can better manage your workflow. Also, collecting and sharing ideas will be easy as all team members can share and collaborate on new ideas, as well as participate in the discussion no matter where they may be. Another feature is that members can be asked to vote on shared ideas and strategies to make decisions and for polling.


can collaborate using tablet

Another collaborative mind map tool we listed here for you is Deekit. This is a virtual whiteboard tool that lets you share and brainstorm your ideas collaboratively with other members. Moreover, you can collaborate with your team in the office via browser, on the go by using your tablet or smartphone, which is different from other tools. With this tool, you can collaborate whenever, wherever, or whichever way you’d like.


offers speed and organized flowchart

The second to last collaborative tool Whimsical is a mind map program that offers both speeds and organized flowcharts at the same time. What’s more, is that this tool also allows you to collaborate just like the other tools we provided in this article. With its collaboration feature, you can brainstorm with your team, and manage projects in real-time. Unlike the other tools, Whimsical allows an unlimited number of members to collaborate.


collaborative canvas

Lastly, we have the RealtimeBoard mind map tool that allows you to brainstorm and collaborate with your teammates. It lets them sketch, post, annotate, and create a flowchart on a collaborative canvas. This collaboration framework of RealtimeBoard is designed to improve brainstorming for better participation of remote members of your team. With its collaborative feature, users can connect with each other by leaving comments on onboard charts, and can use voice and video calls to brainstorm faster and easier.


All tools are helpful and effective when it comes to creating mind maps, as well as in terms of collaborating with other team members. With these tools, brainstorming and sharing ideas with your team will be easier and faster than ever. However, if you are looking for the best, simplest, and a free collaborative mind map tool, you may try GitMind as it has the easiest interface and fastest steps to follow when it comes to brainstorming and sharing ideas with your teammates.

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