Discover the Top 12 Free AI Art Generator Tools for Text-to-Image Creation

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AI art generator tools are innovative and impressive tools that can turn our creative ideas into stunning ai generated artwork quickly. By simply providing descriptive inputs, these generators can transform them into visual representations that match your desired output. These ai models are not only useful for creating background, banners for commercial use, watercolor paintings, pixel art or ai images, but they can also help in creating eye-catching and engaging ai generated art. Therefore, in this article, we will show you the best free AI art generator software to bring your creativity into the next level.

Top 12 Free AI Art Generator Apps that You Must Try

  1. GitMind AI Drawing Tool
  2. MidJourney
  3. Stable Diffusion
  4. Adobe Firefly
  5. Picsart
  6. Canva
  7. DALL-E
  8. NightCafe
  9. PixAI Art
  10. OpenArt
  11. Artimator

GitMind AI

gitmind ai image generator

At the top of our list is GitMind AI, which can generate higher resolution images based on prompts input by users, much like most ai art generators. This ai art algorithms stands out as one of the best image generators available for any artwork you’re working on, thanks to its easy-to-use interface and rapid-generation technology. More than that, you can use it to create ai generated art in different styles, cartoons, anime, watercolor paintings, or even real photos. It can also produce images in various ratios suitable for desktop or phone wallpapers, article illustrations, social media posts, and even avatars. Hence, as long as you can exercise creative freedom and express your imagination in words, this image generator will certainly be the best choice for you.

Step 1 Create and Customize Your Artwork. Open GitMind AI image generator in your browser. Start by entering your text and descriptions in the dialogue area. Then, select the generation mode and desired image size to customize your artwork.

gitmind ai image generator step 1

Step 2 Generate and Preview the Image. Click the Generate button to create your unique image based on your customization choices. You can preview these images and select your favorite ones.

gitmind ai image generator step 2

Step 3 Download or Share Your Creations. Once you’ve chosen your preferred image, you can download it or share it to the gallery to share your creation with others.

gitmind ai image generator step 3


ai art generator midjourney

One of the ai models to create AI generated art is MidJourney. It is a text-to-image Artificial Intelligence that transforms your ideas and imagination into digital visuals. This can render ai artwork based on the text prompt you have input. It can create hyper realistic to surreal images which you can combine with other more mediums and art styles. Unlike with the other ai art generation tools, this AI art generator is accessible via Discord. It has a community of artistic people that can also give you examples in typing the prompt that you want for your image. More than that, you can ask this chatbot to produce the variations of the image that you like. And take note that the more detailed your prompt is, the more accurate the result will be if you are using this ai art generator.

Stable Diffusion

ai art generator stablediffusion

Easy to use and free AI art generator? Stable Diffusion is one of the AI image generation tools you can utilize. As to its name, this app uses an art advanced generation process called “diffusion” to create realistic and artistic ai generated images from text prompts. It also has a technology that is meant to remove noise of the generated art so users can see what they type in HD quality. Additionally, the ai image generator offers two steps to generate art you want – by entering the main prompt and the negative prompt. With this, users will absolutely see their ai artwork accurately the way they imagine it.

Adobe Firefly

ai art generators adobefirefly

When we are talking about photos, we all know how Adobe has conquered the world of images online. No wonder, that it also has its own feature to create ai generated art we just used to imagine. Unlike with too complicated editing tools, Adobe Firefly lets you have high-quality images from detailed text description. Plus, it lets you select the aspect ratio, generated art type (graphic, photo, painting), art style, and even the color and composition of the images you are trying to create. With Adobe Firefly, you’ll no longer have to master Photoshop just to make your imagination real.


ai art generators picsart

Picsart has been also exploring the power of AI art generators now. It’s new feature lets you convert your imagination into words into digital visuals instantly. This generative ai helps you create unique ai artworks that are all from your creative and artistic mind. All you have to do is to input the details of the image you prefer and let the Picsart ai art generator work for you. Moreover, you can also edit and enhance the results by adding some filters, effects, or text to them.


ai art generators canva

Good news among Canva users out there! This infamous art and designing tool has recently introduced its AI image generator. If you are using this app and struggling to find the photo or element from its stock images to add on your design, it’s your time to use this. Also, you can create different art styles from here as it offers Photography, Digital Art, and Fine Art styles so you can widen your imagination and apply it on the images you are trying to create.  All you have to do is to enrich your vocabulary to describe the photos you want to generate with this tool.


ai art generators dall-e

Having a creative mind but lacking artistic skill? Then, let DALL-E be the AI art generator for you. This art generator works swiftly in producing the image you’ve wished to have through words. You can start with a detailed description by typing the subject and the medium of your desired custom artwork. It can also generate hyper realistic photos, abstract visuals, oil painting, hand-drawn images –  name it, this AI can do anything. Thus, if you want to unleash your creativity, try to generate ai art from DALL-E.


ai art generators nightcafe

Do you have out of this mind thoughts, like, ”a ship sailing over the moon and starry sky”? Well, Nightcafe’s AI Technology will illustrate the ai art you have in your mind in a digital way. All you have to do is to input the text prompt for your desired image and in a matter of seconds you’ll be able to have it on your screen. As you explore this tool, you will see how high the resolution and quality of its generated images are. Moreover, this online tool is dependent on Stable Diffusion and Open AI in producing quality images. Interestingly, this artificial intelligence tool lets you upload your own image and mix or incorporate it to its list of art styles. That way, users can give variations to their old images with endless possibilities.

PixAI Art

ai art generators pixai

PixAI Art is a free AI art generator that can also amaze you at how it can capture your thoughts and turn them into photos. This generator offers different art styles that you can apply on any images you like. Additionally, this prompt based ai image generator also ensures that users will have a rendered image that is in high quality. In fact, art makers can control the composition of their image with this ai image generator. They can choose the size, resolution, and denoising strength of their photo. Moreover, what makes this tool to be one of the best AI art generator apps is its ability to correct the specific part of the image. Wrong color of hair? You can simply address it on its “Negative” box and let the tool fix that area. Amazing, isn’t it?


ai art generators openart

Another AI art generator to rave for is OpenArt. This art generator lets you create art using a text prompt that you personally structure. Meanwhile, if you don’t know what to input here, it has a Prompt Book and Prompt Templates (over 10 millions) where you can get your inspiration from. Initially, you’ll get 1000 credits here which is enough to explore the app. And if you want to grow a community and share your unique artwork, this site lets you have your own account where you can share and publish your generated art.


ai art generators artimator

Artimator is a great AI art generator app that lets users create images for free and without any limits. It has an easy-to-use interface that’s perfect for beginners. Users can describe the artwork they want to create using text, and the app will generate images based on their descriptions. They can also import existing images and apply different art style to transform them. Artimator is available on both desktop and mobile devices, making ai art generation convenient for users.


ai art generators imgcreator

IMGCREATOR.AI is a powerful and free AI art generator app that can help you create stunning digital art with ease. One of the most impressive features of IMGCREATOR.AI is its versatility. Whether you want to make anime, illustrations, 3D designs, or realistic photos, this app has got you covered. You can simply input your text or upload an image to give it a fresh and captivating appearance and produce a brand new artwork. The app also offers a variety of output resolutions, ranging from 640px to 2048px, ensuring that you get high quality generated art every time.


Now that you already have the list of outstanding and free AI art generator apps, time to maximize them in making ai generated art. Otherwise, you may also want to try AI mind mapping tools to generate artistic and informative mind maps instantly too. Hopefully, this article has helped you to have an outstanding presentation with your ai art generation work.

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