How to Write Argumentative Essay Outline for College Students?

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There are many types of academic essays used by various educational institutions across the globe. One of the most commonly used is the argumentative essay. In the United States, this type of essay is a frequent homework and desk work given to students. It is deemed important since it encourages one to take a stand on an issue, and investigate to prove a point. The main purpose of an argumentative essay is to spark a debate, and improve the logical reasoning skills of students using evidence and facts. That is why it is important to use an argumentative essay outline first to ensure that all details are in place.

Guide to Writing Argumentative Essay Outline

What is an Argumentative Essay?

arguementative paper outline

As mentioned above, argumentative essays aims to persuade readers to agree to the writer’s point of view. In this sense, this type of essay is similar to a persuasive essay. However, unlike persuasive essays that shares the writer’s personal opinions and sentiments about a topic, argumentative essays rely on facts and evidence. One can simply say that this type of essay applies the scientific method, since they need to investigate, and gather evidence to prove their argument as based on the argumentative essay outline example. Students benefit a lot from this type of essay since they are taught how to defend their arguments by presenting concrete evidence. Aside from that, they need to defend it from the opposing side, which includes oral arguments. This is a great way to improve public speaking skills which comes in-handy in the future. On that note, the first step in making an argumentative essay is by drawing an outline. With that being said, there are many websites that provide argumentative essay outline template for free.

Argumentative Essay Outline Sample & Templates

As previously stated, there are many websites that provide templates for essay writing. One of these websites is GitMind which is a free mind map and organization chart maker. Below are some sample templates that you can instantly use.

  1. Android or iOS: Which is the best operating system?

One of the most debate worthy topic in-existence is the rivalry between Android and iOS users. The million dollar question is always “Which is better, Android or iOS?” The structure is already prepared, and all you need to do is provide the information within this argumentative paper outline.

android vs ios argumentative essay outline
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2. Cryptocurrencies: Should you invest?

Another product of technology is cryptocurrency. This template provides the outline for arguing if one should invest in cryptocurrencies. To present your evidence, you will need to prepare evidence that cryptocurrencies are safe, and counter-arguments as well. You use this argumentative research paper outline is a key to make things easier to prove your arguments.

currency arguementative paper outline
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Elements of an Argumentative Essay

Like any form of writing, an argumentative essay also consists of parts and elements. Here the elements that a good argumentative essay should possess.

1. Introduction – Like any form of essay, a proper introduction about your topic is important. A good introduction doesn’t need to be lengthy but should contain bits of information about the flow of your topic. That is why in an argumentative essay outline, the introduction should be filled out first since it will direct the flow of information.

2. Thesis statement – This is a one sentence summary of the entire point that your trying to argue. It can be a quotation from a famous person, or any thing that relates to the topic.

3. Body Paragraphs – Usually comprises of three paragraphs, this is where you state your arguments, and provide evidence to support them. This is where all the actual facts are written and is the most critical element in the entire essay. That is why you should present all information and ideas in the organized manner. Some argumentative essay outline template provide different number of paragraph sections, and you can add more if you want.

4. Conclusion – A proper closing argument is the key to proving your point. That is why your conclusion should contain a brief summary of what was discussed, as well a the gist of the evidence that you provided. You can also add a persuasive statement to get the sympathy of the reader.

3 Approaches to Argumentative Writing

Writing a argumentative essay, or simply making an argumentative essay outline example needs to follow a specific type of approach. These approach determines the flow you your essay, and will provide ease of writing if your comfortable with it. Here are the three main approach that you can follow when writing your essay.

1. Classical Approach – The flow of this approach is to present the main argument first, and then give your personal opinion on the matter. After that, you have to do you best to try and convince the reader to sympathize with your point of view. This is the most common approach in writing an argumentative essay, since it follows a straight way of thinking. Aside from that, your readers can also follow the flow of information, either from the essay itself or from the argumentative paper outline easily, since they are presented one after the other.

2. Rogerian Approach – This approach follows the sequence of presenting the argument, taking your stand on the issue, and then stating where you stand on the issue. You also need to provide concrete evidence to back up your claim and try to convince the readers that your argument benefits them. This approach also provides common grounds for opposing arguments, since you acknowledge them as facts.

3. Toulmin Approach – Last is the Toulmin approach. Unlike the previous approach that acknowledges the opposition, this approach is more aggressive. In writing the argumentative essay outline for this approach, one should provide the arguments first. Then you will need to present you evidence and justify you claim using them. This approach aims to prevent any form of argument from the opposing side by slamming them with hard-evidence and facts, making it harder for them to argue.


Argumentative essays are one of the most common type of writing that you will encounter in your student years. That is why if you are reading this after finishing school, then we are sure that you have already applied what you learned in one way of the other. On the other hand, if you are just starting out, then you can use the argumentative essay outline template above if you don’t have any idea about it yet.

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