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Whether you are a student or a professional, you need a planner that will allow you to create a system for organizing and accomplishing tasks. Especially when you have a lot on your plate tendency is you will procrastinate or miss deadlines. In this case, we compiled a list of best planner for iPad to help you stay on top of your to-do list and increase productivity. Also, there are two categories for app selection. The one specialized for students while the other for professionals. Find out below which digital organizer works well with your daily routine.

List of Best Digital Planners for iPad

iPad Planners for Students

iPad Planners for Business


best planner app for ipad

GitMind is not your usual planner. This is specifically a mind mapping app that allows you to draft meaningful thoughts and make a creative planner. This iPad planner app comes with an outline view that allows you to type in items or topics at your fingertips. While typing, the tool automatically generates and organizes the structure of branches for you. You can also add your personal touch to the map by applying themes or integrating icons from the extensive library of icons. Put differently, you can customize maps and enhance them to fit your taste. Therefore, if you want to break the norm and be creative with your planner, you will never go wrong with GitMind.

For an easier option you can also try this AI for Mind Maps to organize and make your to-do-list. It is prompt-based, easy to use, and customizable according to your preference.


best planner app for ipad

Here is another best planner app for iPad that is equipped for school and study. Todoist lets you organize tasks by compiling them in a folder. By default, it has a folder named “Today” which lets you view the tasks you need to accomplish for a specific day. “Upcoming view” enables you to see your tasks to finish in the next few days. Moreover, it allows you to add more facets and categorize tasks. Be it for studying, fitness, projects, etc. In a facet, you can add and divide another set of tasks in a board view panel which is great when working with complex projects. Thus, Todoist is considered the best planner for iPad to set up huge tasks and keep them under control.


istudiez ipad planner app

iStudiez is a good planner students should try using. The tool comes with four main sections located at the bottom of the interface. In the planner tab, you will see the information about your current semester. From here, you can keep track of the holidays for that specific semester. You may also add courses or classes and specify the schedule. With the assignment tab, you get a view of your assignments’ due dates, sort them according to their priority level or by course. So far, the best digital planner for iPads with lots of helpful features to help you stay on top of your assignments and classwork.


myhomework best ipad planner app

In case the above tools don’t match your standards, myHomework is probably your go-to digital planner. With its simple and clear user interface, you are able to easily write down the events, tasks, and assignments that need to be carried out. What you would initially do after downloading the app is adding classes. This lets you add the classes’ name, schedule, building, room and instructor, and additional information. What’s cool about this iPad planner app is its calendar tab where you can add assignments, events, or holidays to a specific day of a month. In just a tap, you will see or your due assignments or dedicated day for an event.


calendly ipad planner app

Speaking of a calendar, Calendly is another planner that maximizes the use of the calendar to manage tasks, assignments, or appointments. This is particularly helpful if you have a lot of people to meet for your project or thesis you are working on. Hence, if you need the best planner for iPad that specializes in simplifying scheduling with groups and individuals, you should have this app downloaded on your iPad. Moreover, you can integrate this app to digitals calendars like iCal, Google Calendar, and many more.


trello ipad planner app

Trello is an impressive tool that is beneficial if you are accustomed to working with teams. This ensures that every team member is on the same page by organizing all the tasks on one board. There you can add cards with the description of the tasks. The most compelling feature is the principle of progression that makes it the best digital planner for iPads. What does this principle exactly imply is categorizing the tasks into Start, Doing, and Completed. At a glance, the team will be able to see which tasks haven’t been addressed yet, allot time to brainstorm or finish what is due.

Reminder App

reminders ipad planner app

At times you can just stick to the apps readily available on your iPad device that can aid in your productivity goals. Reminder App is a default software on all iOS devices. This best planner for iPad allows you to access your to-dos across different accounts including Yahoo, Exchange, and iCloud. Perhaps you don’t want to miss any deadlines and that’s what this tool is developed for. This allows you to set a notification for something that is due or set according to time. Say you have lots of bills to be paid on different date or time while doing other work on the side, Reminder is a handy app for this need.  


awesome calendar ipad planner app

Another great planner app you will surely find yourself using in the future is AwesomeCalendar. It comes with calendar events, notes, color-coding, and local weather forecasts accessible in one place. This is considered the best digital planner if you are into writing notes or one who loves transforming your thoughts into letters. Other helpful features include app integration to calendar apps. The changes you made in the software will automatically reflect on the calendar apps you have incorporated.


fantastical ipad planner app

If you are looking for an alternative to Google Calendar, you should go with Fantastical. With it, you can manage your events from right on your smartphone. Moreover, the tool features location-based calendar visibility. Through this feature, the tool suggests the most relevant calendar upon recognizing your current location. Additionally, it suggests invitees based on the location of your event. On top of that, you can add a widget of this best planner app for iPad on your home screen to instantly access the tool.

anydo ipad planner app

Last but not least planner to help you stay organized and keep you on top of your tasks is Using this tool, you get to plan out your work, personal goals, assignments, and a lot more. In addition, you can set your deadlines as well as reminders whether daily, weekly, by time, by day, or location. The iPad planner app also has an impressive interface, making it easier for every user to navigate the tool even without prior experience.


Right on your smartphone, you are able to schedule, keep track of your tasks lists, and generally plan your commitments with these tools. Our reviews are based on hands-on experience of each tool. But ultimately, choosing the right tool will definitely depend on your specific needs.

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