A Comprehensive Review of Edraw MindMaster Alternative Apps

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Mind maps help users to organize and explore main topics effectively by interconnecting subtopics to it resulting in an easy explanation, understanding, and memorization about the certain subject. And when talking about mind mapping tools, EdrawMind is one of the first apps that comes to mind. In this article, you will also get to learn more about Edraw MindMaster alternative apps that you can use in case this popular tool encounters a problem. Just read further to learn more.  

Best Edraw MindMaster Alternative Tools

What is EdrawMind?

edrawmindmaster alternative

EdrawMind (formerly MindMaster) is a software developed by EdrawSoft with the aim to make your plans, concepts, and ideas into effective visual diagrams. They also make sure that this mind mapping app is cost and time efficient. Users can effectively use this tool for collaboration, strategy and planning, brainstorming and even for book reports through its Reading Notes mind map template.

Key Features:

  • Variation of mind map layouts, such as Mindmap, Tree Map, Right Map, Fishbone, Org Chart, Winding, Vertical, and Horizontal Timeline, and OutLiner.
  • Over 5000 editable templates
  • Excellent editing tools for creativity.
  • Spelling checker for a quality content
  • Slideshow feature for presentation

Now that we already discussed EdrawMind to you, no doubt this tool has still been gaining its popularity up to this day. Its usefulness and reliability is indeed excellent. However, just like any other tools this mind map also has limitations. And to help you with it, below are some of the MindMaster alternative apps that you can use to substitute EdrawMind. Check them out below.

10 Excellent Edraw MindMaster Alternative Tools

  1. GitMind
  2. ClickUp
  3. Ayoa
  4. Coggle
  5. Creately
  6. Lucidchart
  7. MindMeister
  8. XMind
  9. MindManager
  10. Miro


Free for Basic Plan
Starts at $1.1 monthly

mindmaster alternative gitmind

GitMind is a free online tool that helps users create mind maps quickly and easily. It’s specifically made for mind mapping and offers support for various file formats (PG, PNG, PDF, WORD, and TEXT). With its intuitive interface and sharing capabilities, this app enables effective collaboration. And whether it’s diagrams, flowcharts, or other types of mind maps, GitMind can generate functional maps for various purposes like marketing, brainstorming, and project planning. Indeed, it’s a useful MindMaster alternative for organizing thoughts and promoting better understanding.

You can also use the AI for Mind Maps by GitMind for an instant mind mapping generations. This AI helps you expand your idea and helps you kickstart your mind mapping using its ready-to-use prompts.


Starts at $5 monthly

mindmaster alternative clickup

For an excellent mapping out of your workflows, ideas, and planning, you can rely on ClickUp. This EdrawMind alternative makes mind mapping quicker with its drag-and-drop nodes function. It promotes the flexibility in editing and organizing mind maps. Also, this tool allows users to add multiple branches for effective mapping out of their collaborative ideas. Though the interface may not be beginner-friendly, ClickUp offers templates and tutorial videos to assist beginners in exploring this tool.


Starts at $10 monthly per user

mindmaster alternative ayoa

Ayoa is an excellent MindMaster alternative for turning your free-running ideas into diagrams. Its interface is beginner-friendly. And If you’re in a work from home set up or an online student, this mind-mapping tool is perfect for you. With it, you can collaborate with your colleagues or classmates online via sharing your mind map link or live streaming it. And its collection of branch types and box variations you can make mind mapping fun and creative. Additionally, it allows you to customize each branch by changing its color, shape, and outline thickness. Also, users can control its nodes freely using its Freehand function. 


Starts at $5 monthly

mindmaster alternative creately

One more EdrawMind alternative is Coggle. This mind mapping software has also gained its popularity for creating and sharing mind maps and flowcharts. It’s user-friendly and allows you to invite others to collaborate with you. It is convenient to use given that it offers over 160 icons for mapping out your ideas during brainstorming. And speaking of convenience, you can also access your project anytime from any device with this app. More than that, you can also make your mind maps look attractive by adding floating texts and uploading images as elements to your diagrams.


Starts at $5 monthly

mindmaster alternative creately

Creately is a tool for creating mind maps for team collaboration effectively. It offers various pricing plans, supports multiple languages, and provides a range of diagram options. With this MindMaster alternative, it is easier for teams to work together visually. Moreover, it has a drag-and-drop feature to make each mind mapping convenient. It also provides real-time collaboration tools, including video chats, so you can work with colleagues and track changes easily. The tool supports all devices, allowing you to access your information from anywhere. Additionally, Creately can be integrated with Slack, a popular team communication platform.


Free for Basic Plan
Starts at $7.95 monthly limited to 1GB storage

mindmaster alternative lucidchart

Lucidchart is a diagramming tool used to create visual representations of complex processes. This EdrawMind alternative provides numerous mind map templates and a shape library for easy creation. Collaboration features and integration with productivity platforms are available. Additionally, It provides numerous mind map templates of over 500 and a shape library for easy creation. Another unique feature of this mind map is its timer to ensure that every task meets its deadline. Hence, with Lucidchart, you will be able to turn your ideas into actions that are well-planned and organized.


Free for Basic Plan
Starts at $2.49 monthly per user

mindmaster alternative mindmeister

MindMeister is considered a cost-effective MindMaster alternative for mind mapping purposes. With this tool, you are able to have visual representations of ideas and concepts quickly. Moreover, for creating, sharing, and publishing mind maps, this app is also a great tool for you. In fact, its key features offer full-screen presentation mode, history mode, multiple themes, and collaboration features like comments and votes.


$39.99 for six months

mindmaster alternative xmind

XMind is a straightforward mind mapping software that helps generate ideas, goals, and tasks quickly. While it may not have extraordinary features, it can be a good EdrawMind alternative. What makes this mind map outshines others we mentioned beforehand is its Zen mode that lets you focus on a single mind map. It also allows you to add mathematical and chemical equations too. Interestingly, you can protect your mind map files with passwords and export them in different formats if you wish.


Starts at $99 yearly

mindmaster alternative mindmanager

As its name suggests, let MindManager manage your thoughts in mind using its powerful mind mapping features. This MindMaster alternative allows you to easily create a central idea and draw related new ideas using its drag-and-drop functionality. Additionally, this mind map offers templates for users’ convenience. And if you want to do Gantt charts, you can also use this to make that for you. Certainly, this app helps you  with brainstorming and collaboration to be productive.


Free for Basic Plan
Starts at $8 monthly per user

mindmaster alternative miro

Miro is a free mind map software that enables users to brainstorm, create organizational charts, and more. Also, the tool offers multiple design styles, built-in video and chat capabilities, and ready-to-use templates for your collaborative work needs. Moreover, users can also enjoy its infinite whiteboard for free-form diagrams. Overall, Miro is a versatile tool that allows teams to collaborate on mind mapping and creative brainstorming.


Now that you have the top 10 MindMaster alternative apps, choose wisely based on your needs and preferences. Always consider factors like ease of use, collaboration features, pricing, and limitations. Don’t forget to share which one is your favorite by leaving a comment below! 

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