Top 10 Free Process Mapping Tools Review in 2021

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Process or workflow mapping is an invaluable tool for businesses to analyze, identify lapses, and optimize an organization’s process. Doing this allows you to improve the quality and performance of the business. Besides, creating a process map offers many benefits. It helps you eliminate waste, complete tasks much faster, and come up with better quality products or services. We’ve done our research and come up with the 10 best process mapping tools there are. To determine which tool best fits your needs, then read through the post.

Best Free Process Mapping Tools

GitMind – Online Tool to Create Process Map & Diagrams

free process mapping software
  • Works on any browser
  • Export project to various format
  • Provides mobile version for basic editing

For the best and free option to draw a process map, GitMind is a recommended tool. It offers a library of templates that simplify your work in creating diagrams including a process map. This is one of the best free process mapping tools that comes with intuitive tools allowing you to access an extensive collection of shapes. Not only that, you can customize the style of your flowchart or process map by modifying the font, shape color, and so much more. There are times that you want to share your work with others. You can do so using an easy share link.

Creately – Diagram Maker Available in Desktop and Mobile

process mapping in creately
  • Work remotely with others
  • Access huge shape libraries
  • Provides 5 public diagrams for free users

Creately is among the process mapping software programs you should also consider using. This is a collaborative diagram maker to brainstorm ideas, create a business process model, and design systems and flows. You have a bunch of ready-made templates that you can choose from. You can find templates for marketing, education, engineering and etc. Aside from that, there are also huge shapes libraries that will surely help you create professional process maps and creative diagrams.

Edraw – Feature-packed Process Mapping Alternative

process mapping software
  • Very intuitive interface
  • Customize everything at ease
  • Automatic layout for mind maps

Another process mapping software that you can use is Edraw. Its interface looks similar to Microsoft Office. So if you are used to the Microsoft environment, you can easily and quickly navigate the tool. There is also a huge library of symbols dedicated to a specific diagram like Data flow, workflow diagram, BPMN, and a lot more. Apart from the mentioned features, it enables you to modify the style of diagrams however you like. You can adjust different properties including color, font style, resize, and style shapes, basically everything is customizable with this free mapping software.

LucidChart – Visual Workspace To Create Process Map And Diagrams

edit process map with lucidchart
  • Enables chat and comments in real-time
  • Can be used on any browser and device
  • Allows integration with productivity apps

LucidChart is a professional diagramming software that works on any browser and whatever device you are using. This helps you create and edit process maps and diagrams anytime, anywhere. Furthermore, it gives you the capability to communicate with your colleagues in real-time as if you are in the same room. On top of that, it’s among the business process mapping tools that you can integrate with productivity tools such as G Suite and Microsoft Office.

Visual Paradigm – Business And Project Improvement Software

visual paradigm process map editor
  • Possesses tools for Agile software development
  • Can design UML, BPMN, and SysML
  • Comes with comprehensive developer tools

If you’re looking for a program that can help you to visualize your business process and enjoy IT development tools, Visual Paradigm is a great option. Likewise, this tool features a rich set of modeling shapes for business process diagrams. Its drag-and-drop interface makes building diagrams quickly and smoothly. What makes this free process mapping software a top choice is that you can play your business workflow as an animation. This makes delivering a presentation more understandable and gives an impression to spectators.

Google Drawings – Free And Basic Diagram Modeling Tool

process mapping using google drawings
  • Completely online and browser-based
  • Allows creating and editing documents
  • Free storage without expiration

Another good alternative for those who are looking for a free yet simple process mapping software is Google Drawings. It allows you to create various diagrams and charts with basic shapes. Aside from that, you can either use it online or offline provided you have the Chrome app installed on your device. If you are wondering if your work will expire, the good news is you can get back to your unfinished work anytime you want.

Gliffy – Easy To Use Tool With Good Collaboration Features

process mapping software
  • Templates and themes available
  • Projects can be shared on social media
  • Roll back to previous project version

Gliffy is one of the best free process mapping tools when you are not particularly artistic or good at designing diagrams. This offers templates and themes that speed up the process of building diagrams and come up with a professional process map. Moreover, it comes with sharing capabilities in which you can share your work on different social media platforms. Also, you can conveniently revert back to the previous version of your work in case you missed something or an error occurred.

Canva – Presentation And Infographic Tool

canva process map editor
  • Lets you create the best looking process map
  • Allows uploading attachments
  • Embed illustrations in slides

An excellent process mapping software to build your best-looking process map illustration. Canva is the most frequently used tool for creating illustrations both for business and personal purposes. It’s also a web-based program wherein you can search for the template you want to get inspiration from or directly use the template to create your process map. In addition, you can upload images from your local drive or attachments you acquired online. In events like presenting your work, you can utilize the presentation feature of this free process mapping software to embed illustrations in slides.

Cacoo – Best Collaborative Diagram Modeling Software

process map editor with cacoo
  • Activity notifications for monitoring projects
  • Wide range tool integration
  • Comes with multi-editing capability

Not satisfied with the above solutions? Cacoo is probably for you. This is a collaborative diagramming software that allows multiple users to edit a project. It offers an activity notification feature which makes it convenient to track changes or check the status of a certain project. And the next time you are searching for business process mapping tools with a wide scope of app integration, Cacoo should come to mind.

Visme – For Basic And Complex Diagrams

process mapping with visme
  • Make content password protected, public or private
  • Create interactive content using animation
  • Comes with online and offline mode

Last on the list but definitely not the least is Visme. This is a useful program both for the presentation of data or infographics. Furthermore, it provides users with an animation feature that enables you to make objects move, apply transitions, or pop-ups. Using this process mapping software, you can produce interactive content and a nice-looking process map.


There you have the best and free process mapping tools. A few notes to consider, not all of them can be used for free. For instance, Edraw and Lucidchart. They offer a free version yet need to upgrade an account to access premium features. You can opt for totally free tools like Google Drawings and GitMind. But the latter comes with all symbols and customization needed for the most part of building a process map.

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