Top 5 Free Microsoft Visio Alternatives

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Visio is a powerful Microsoft Office Suite product designed to create diagrams to simplify complicated information. It comes with a large number of templates, shapes, and objects to make professional-looking diagrams. And to top it all, Visio is a part of the Office suite making it easier to share documents between Office products. The only downside is that Visio is a bit expensive knowing that it belongs to the Office family of products. Why settle for an expensive app when you can enjoy the same features with Visio alternatives? Here are our top recommended alternative programs to Visio which you can utilize for free.

Best Free Visio Alternatives Online


Platform: Web, Windows, Mac, Linux

visio alternative

GitMind is a great alternative to Microsoft Visio to draw diagrams, flowcharts, and mind maps. This is a free web-based diagramming tool that works well on any platforms provided that you have an internet connection and a browser. Apart from that, you could also use it to edit diagrams together with your teammates.

This online Visio alternative knows no space and time. This means that you can use it as a collaborative tool for free allowing you and your team to work on the same project in real-time. With its wide selection of customization tools including, shape nodes, flowchart symbols, node color, shapes, you’ll be able to customize diagrams however you like.


Platform: Linux, Windows, Mac, Browser

LucidChart is another online-based alternative to Visio. It boasts a massive amount of shapes and industrial standardized templates that you can use to create professional-looking diagrams. Moreover, the tool lets you take advantage of its drag-and-drop interface and options for styling, text formatting, and lines.

One great highlight of this Visio alternative is its “Feature Find” functionality which you can use to locate features instantly and find resources such as articles, video tutorials directly from the tool.


Platform: Web, Mac, Windows

gliffy diagram editor

Just like the previously mentioned software, Gliffy offers you a bunch of elements and shapes for creating diagrams. You can either make diagrams from scratch, import Visio files, or choose from the ready-made templates.

Gliffy is fully integrated with Atlassian allowing you to create diagrams on Confluence and Jira. This makes creating, searching, editing, and customizing easier and faster as you don’t have to leave the program when diagramming. More importantly, all your revisions are saved for you to conveniently choose which version is best to use.

yEd Graph Editor

Platform: Linux, Windows, Mac, Web

yed graph editor interface

One of the most user-friendly, free Visio alternative online is yEd Graph Editor. All its features can be accessed for free supporting Windows, Mac, Web-based clients and even mobile devices. It has an automatic layout feature that enables you to automatically arrange your diagram especially if it contains a huge amount of data.

Another excellent feature of this app is its exporting options wherein users are able to save content to PDF, JPEG, HTML, or GIF and supports embedded URLs as well. Plus, it is capable of exporting projects to Adobe Flash SWF format allowing you to view graphs within Adobe Flash Player.


Platform: Linux, Windows, Mac

dia graph editor interface

If you are looking for another good and open source Visio alternative with the same set of features, you should opt to Dia. It has a wide-range selection of shape packages similar to Visio that suit every user’s needs including defaults for flowcharts, circuit diagrams, network and so much more. Aside from .dia format, you can also export projects to Visio’s .vdx format.

Although you might find its interface a little outdated, all its features are accessible for free. From styling and formatting tools, shape repository, to similar diagramming tools similar to Visio including Gridlines, special objects, and layers.


The goal of the reviewed tools in this post is to provide users with free alternatives to Visio. Yet it’s still better to test each app so you’ll know which software best fits your workflow. However, if you are looking for a Visio alternative that offers unlimited access to its features at completely no cost, you should pick GitMind.

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