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A Sitemap is a file or list of pages that are used by designers during the planning of a web site, a Human-visible listing, and Structured listing that are made for search engines’ web-crawlers. This is important because it is used mostly as a tool for planning to help users organize their content. Moreover, it also allows you to provide information on the sites and pages on your files as well. However, it does not guarantee that all your files are being crawled. To make it easy for you, you need the best free sitemap generators to help you clearly visualize your sitemap.

6 Online Sitemap Tools Offer Editable Sitemap Templates


GitMind Sitemap Template

Gitmind is on the top of our list. This amazing tool allows you to visualize your ideas and concepts that may help you to arrange and display your sitemap easily. Also, it offers a lot of themes and allows you to customize and make your sitemap unique and visually appealing. Moreover, this is totally free and a perfect tool for any diagram making concept because it renders a lot of Templates to choose from. Check this amazing tool with the help of the following steps we provided below for you.

  • Get started with GitMind and click the “New Blank Map”.
  • Fill up the information to make your Sitemap and customize it with the “Theme” tab at the side of the interface.
  • Once done, click “Export” to save your Sitemap diagram.


Website sitemap creator

Next on our list is a free, cloud-based collaborative tool. It features and offers an interface where you can search, input ideas, and add links between objects to your sitemap. Moreover, customizing your sitemap is seamless just with its editing features, or you can choose from among the site mapping templates from the library. With this tool, you can make a solid site mapping foundation to help provide a comprehensible framework design. This software is available both online and offline by downloading its APK file.


Visual sitemap tool

Creately is third on our list. It lets you draw diagrams of sitemaps with simple features such as shapes, lines, and other drawing tools. No download or any security setups required. Moreover, it offers more than a thousand templates to help you visualize your sitemap. However, it requires  Adobe Air to be installed on your PC to run. On the other hand, you can also install the tool manually.


Free online sitemap tool

Another great tool is Milanote. It helps you make a sitemap by organizing your ideas and projects into visual diagrams. You can collect and arrange everything by just dragging and dropping your images, notes, links, and other files on the interface. Moreover, you can also add these files from your phone and if you like, you can insert diagrams, lines, and arrows to connect one box to another. Another thing is that this tool is trusted and used by top companies such as Apple, Sony, Uber, Nike and a lot more.


Website sitemap creator

Create your sitemap quickly and efficiently with the help of this free online sitemap tool, Gloomaps. Just create a box and connect them by adding branches to expand your sitemap. Moreover, it has a user-friendly interface to help you make the best presentation of a sitemap in no time at all. However, its sitemap is only available for 14 days unless visited again. Each visit and edit of your sitemap extends its span for another 14 days.


Free online sitemap tool

Our last tool is a wireframe and prototyping sitemap maker which called Moqups. This tool offers a built-in library that contains thousands of icons, themes, and templates to assist you in making a sitemap. With a fast, informative, and accurate editing function, you can create a powerful sitemap diagram and can collaborate in real-time via project management. Additionally, this tool is formulated with advanced algorithms to help you draw and make line connectors around the boxes and objects without tangling them up. You may customize your sitemap diagram or just simply choose from among the given templates.


These are the top 6 visual sitemap tools that you may use to make accurate and well-presented sitemaps. Each tool offers its own different features and functions that you may choose to assist you. However, if you are looking for the best free sitemap tool, we recommend  GitMind. With all its functions and features, creating sitemaps has never been easier.

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